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    Managing Spiritual Growth
    Laverne Long
    Romans 1: 20 states, "For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse." Being made in God's image creates similarities. For instance, consider how hard i

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    book excerpt

    p. 18
    The definitions of the word servant include "devoted follower, person willing to serve another." Jacob, as a type of the Spirit, began his life as a servant producing the qualities of Christ. The definition of Israel is "He will rule as God" (OT: 3478). God cannot prevail by man without the qualities and His will. Only a servant who will build upon the family name "God Prevails" is Christlike. This book encompasses the qualities of the sons of Jacob.
    p. 23
    Similarly, without proper study, our thinking can cause much head scratching. The words, themselves, can be confused in many ways. Take the word on for instance. This little word occurs in Scripture over two thousand times with around two hundred and sixty seven references. Psalms 119:130 says, "The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple." A misunderstood subject needs light.
    p. 36
    We must have a clear vision of what we should be. There is a vast difference between a person with a vision and a visionary person. The person with the vision talks little and does much. The visionary person talks much and does little.
    Reuben is a beginner and a builder of the family name. To rule as God is a family thing. It requires dedication and skill. Each son produced the building blocks for the next son to sit on. This was the first block laid upon the foundation of the New Birth in order to rule as God.
    p. 47
    Maturity is like a little lamb, which grows and produces other lambs. It is like the lilies of the valley, which spread and cover the floor. It could be like a spring breeze, knowing that the hot summer sun is around the horizon or like the seed of a giant redwood that in time grows into a giant of a tree. One could ask oneself, "How could I be as the stone of David or the shadow of Peter?" In the past, there have been many trailblazers. What will we do with this little trail, which should be made into a four-lane highway?
    p. 51
    Simeon's name comes from a root word meaning "to hear or to learn." He was the first son after the beginning (Reuben). Hanoch means "to be dedicated to the old-fashioned doctrinal traditions" (p. 41). Just as in life and Spirit, the first thing a newborn saint needs to do is start the learning process. Learning or hearing always comes first, whether to saint or sinner.
    p. 54
    God sent Elijah to Mount Carmel by command. Why did God choose that mountain? Carmel, by definition, means "a fruitful place" (OT: 3760 (kar-mel'). Another way to discern that it was going to be fruitful is found in I Kings 18:1, God sent Elijah in the third year. Three is the number of acceptance and blessing. Anytime God wants men to have success, He sends them to a fruitful place.
    p. 68
    The joining of the Spirit to the Word makes everything function. Remember this: Before they began their apostolic labor, the apostles had their understanding opened to the Old Testament Scriptures that they already knew. God led Paul to spend three years in Arabia where the Spirit opened the Word to him. The greatest test we face, as Gentiles, is the ability to understand the Scriptures as did the apostles.
    p. 89
    Everyone seems to know that Judah received the scepter. The important question is why did he receive it? The reason was that he possessed all of the qualities of the previous sons and grandsons of Jacob. These are all required if one desires to live above sin, as there are sins of omission and sins of commission. These qualities and many, many more are all part of the growing process.
    p. 97
    Jacob's family is a type of the Spirit of God. Keturah's family is a type of the Word of God. The Spirit of God is the power of God, and the Word of God is the authority of God. Keturah was listed as Abraham's concubine after she produced the children which make the Word of God the servant to the Spirit of God.

    p. 101
    This chapter will show that Spirit and Truth must work together. For success there must be a command, action and conclusion, which I call successions. The conclusion is sometime called the joining or the blessing. The first succession includes the first three sons of Keturah. They are Zimran, Jokshan and Medan. We can see by these that the conclusion of the succession is our responsibility for the next succession. These answer the command of Reuben, Simeon and Levi. This is what we call following the Spirit intelligently.
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