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    Daniel Martin
    Heaven and Earth collide in this epic adventure when Sam and his guardian angel
    Nathanael meet in a very unusual way. All is at stake in this modern tale of Faith Hope and Love. Someone very high up is watching and is preparing to send help, But will it arrive on time? Each answer brings another que

    Price:  $9.95

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    book excerpt

    In a split second he leaped into the air, wings extended like a majestic swan with the span like that of an albatross. A light beamed out from a glass temple-like structure and reflected onto his wings. Immediately, a tempest-like wind came from behind him and whipped the leaves that lay on the ground into the air. A voice like thunder echoed, “I am with you, Nathanael. Go and be victorious!” A sound like that of a trumpet or a ram's horn emanated through the air. He shouted, “Glory to you, O King, forever and ever!”
    He broke through the expanse. His sword shimmered in the starlight as he traveled at speeds hundreds of miles per hour. Stars passed by him like bits of dust in a cosmic storm. He hummed an unknown tune, enjoying his journey when seconds later, out of nowhere, he was suddenly struck on the wing by a fiery red twisted blade. And again another CRASH! A sword struck against Nathanael’s breastplate with a force like dynamite, making a huge dent. Nathanael was disoriented and bleeding. He turned to see the ugly ogre-like spirit of evil flying at him again. He pulled his sword, turned and blocked the next blow. The demon had a flaming sword in each hand.
    Like eagles, they latched on to each other. Both intertwined as they struggled to land the next strike. They fell through the atmosphere, a blur of red and white, gold and silver, spinning together in a freefall. A shower of sparks flew as Nathanael repeatedly struck with his sword against the spine-like bony plating on the demon. But the creature was unharmed and wouldn’t let go. Nathanael’s light began to fade.
    wings flapped in the dark windy night as drops of blood mixed with the snow falling into earth's atmosphere.
    The earth was now coming closer and closer as Nathanael fell to the ground like a comet. In any second he would crash head first! Suddenly, the strong, yet gentle voice of the King called to him.
    “Nathanael … Awaken!”
    Brought to life by The Master's voice, he opened his eyes wide. His wings shot out like a parachute. Light within him radiated and, with no time to spare, he turned right side up. His boots touched down on the wet asphalt of Bemis Road, making a soft landing.
    As soon as he landed, he heard tires screeching, and in the blink of an eye saw two bright lights. They slammed into him, knocking him violently backwards into a large tree. The force of the blow knocked him unconscious again.
    The car came to a stop and idled in the road, slightly angled in the direction where Nathanael lay against the tree.
    “What did I just hit? What was that?” Sam fearfully muttered, as his heart almost climbed up into his throat. “No one was there a second ago.” He quickly jumped out of the car and ran over by the tree. "Oh, my God." Sam said, not believing his eyes.
    Across the street, an elderly woman had been watching her television while sitting near her living room window as she always did. She gasped when out of the corner of her eye she suddenly saw car lights collide with someone dressed all in white. She immediately realized someone had been hit by a car in front of her house. She grabbed her cell phone and coat, and dialed 911 as she hobbled to the door, eager to get a better look.
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