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    The Adjuster's Life - insurance adjusting from resume to payday
    Doug Spurling
    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the words, “How do I get a job like yours?” This book is my answer. But not only how to get the job, but how to keep it, enjoy it and make a good living at it.

    Written with the sweat of one-on-one training I take you from resume to payday.

    Price:  $9.99

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    book excerpt

    In summary your resume should show that you have knowledge of construction, estimate writing, the word Xactimate, and you’re good with people.
    Go to Scroll down and find the heading, Resume hosting, on the right margin. It states:
    Adjusters we provide a free resume hosting service. Just create a free account, login and visit the Roster to add your information and upload your resume. The Roster is used by many employers to locate adjusters so don't miss out on an opportunity add your name to the National Adjuster Roster.
    Jump through the hoops and get your name listed on their roster as a licensed adjuster ready to be deployed. Then turn your ringer up and listen for the phone. While you’re waiting be sure to finish this book, so you’ll know what to do when the phone rings.
    Also while you’re at CADO (Cat Adjuster Dot Org.) click on the ‘Classifieds’ tab. It’s located on the top second from the left. Then click on jobs. You’ll notice venders looking for adjusters.
    A vender is like an employment agency for adjusters. A carrier is the insurance company. Click on any vender looking for adjusters and send them your resume. You may need to fill out their online application to be officially on their roster. Getting on a roster is simply getting your name on their list of adjusters. Get on as many rosters as you can for starters. Of course, you can’t deploy for more than one vender but until you get your foot in the door and have more work than you can handle—get your name on every roster out there.
    As I write this a hurricane is threatening the east coast. I am being contacted by venders requesting I go on standby in the event the ‘cane makes landfall. The CADO website is full of venders asking for adjusters to go on their roster. You see, a vender wants bragging rights to the carrier. So, the more adjusters they have on their roster the more they can tell the carrier they can handle.
    The carrier (insurance company) can make one phone call to a vender (adjusting company) and say we need a thousand adjusters on the east coast. The vender puts out a deployment request to the adjusters on their roster.
    In catastrophes with advance knowledge, like a hurricane, the vender will put adjusters willing to deploy on standby. Which means: be packed, have the truck full of fuel, and if we confirm be ready to roll.

    ***Speaking of which…will you please excuse me—I gotta go***

    I’m back—miss me?
    I just took a six week break from writing this—got deployed. Hurricane Sandy, I mean, Super Storm Sandy. I think the governor changed her name so the carriers couldn’t apply the hurricane deductible—wasn’t that nice? Wonder if that got him any votes
    I worked in-house this time rather than going to the field to fight the cold and snow. We were paid us $400 per day

    Anyway, where were we?
    Oh, yeah…

    Yahoo or Ruh Roh

    You may hear nothing for months and think you’re forgotten and then a hurricane shows up on the radar and suddenly you’ll feel like the most popular guy in town. Phone calls and e-mails will start pouring in and all of a sudden you’re in high demand. You will need to make a decision and pick which vender you want to work for, and go on standby with that one. Contact all the others and thank them for thinking of you and request they keep you on their roster, however, this time you’re already on standby. This way you don’t burn bridges. Eventually, if you do a good job, you’ll be on the top of the list for your favorite vender and you won’t be concerned about being on other rosters. But never burn a bridge.
    Getting deployed is exciting and you’ll think it’s a dream come true. But, that dream can turn into a nightmare pretty quick if you’re not prepared. It’s important to know before you go. It can be a long time between paychecks and an expensive road trip if you aren’t ready to turn and burn when you hit the storm site. But, never fear—that’s why I’m here.
    Okay. So, you’ve passed the test, got your license, posted your resume and now you’re on your way to, Hurricane Virgin. What should you do?
    There are various idiosyncrasies depending on which vender you are deployed with and which carrier you’re representing. Sometimes you’ll be working with one vender but handling claims for different carriers. This makes it a little more confusing because, different strokes for different folks.
    Basically you will be doing the same thing for everyone, but saying it in a way to suit the carrier. In other words, you’re going to be doing the same thing no matter who you work for, but one company may want you to, two-step while another wants you to waltz—either way you’re dancing, it’s just to their music.
    And since they are paying you to visit their insured and handle their claim, they have the right to determine how they want you to dance. No matter what kind of music they play or what language they want you to say it in, just remember at the end of the day, the carrier wants to know three things:
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