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    Fragrance from the Spring
    Liana Wendy Howarth
    A collection of inspirational and children's poetry.

    Also included are some suggestions for greeting card inserts.

    To God be the glory.

    Price:  $7.95

    book excerpt


    Dear old brown cow
    What will you wear?
    You’re going to a picnic
    With old mother mare

    You have the dress
    You have the shoes
    But oh! dear me
    They’ve invited the ewes

    Don’t panic I say
    You’ll find one soon
    A hat to match
    That will make them swoon

    Will it be pink?
    Or will it be blue?
    Orange with stripes?
    Anything will do

    The wind in the paddock
    Suddenly flew
    Right through the trees
    And brown cow went ‘Moo!’

    What was that?
    It flew right past her eyes
    A flowery bright hat
    With little bow ties

    ‘Quick!’ I said ‘Quick!’
    Grab it before
    It disappears over
    And under the door

    What could it be?
    It’s all shiny and wet
    There are bubbles on top
    It’s Aunty’s, I bet

    ‘Shall I put it on?’
    Said dear old cow
    ‘Will it match my dress?
    Wow! Look at me now!’

    You’d better hurry
    With your new hat
    That matches your dress
    Your shoes and your mat

    I wonder where it came from?
    Now don’t be mopey
    To the picnic at last
    All pretty ....... and soapy !!!!!

    Then dear old brown cow
    Mother mare, and the ewes
    Looked to the distance
    They had nothing to lose

    And out from the farmhouse
    They heard her yell
    ‘Hey! That’s my shower cap’
    Screamed Aunty Di Bell

    What a giggle
    Those farmyard friends had
    And what a sight
    To see their boss mad

    They arrived at the picnic
    All giggly and panting
    And old brown cow
    Won a prize for that hat ‘thing’

    The prize was for Aunty
    A brand new straw hat
    Cow kept the plastic one
    “She looked better in that!”

    W h a t d o y o u t h i n k?


    Softly as a pure, white dove,
    The snowflakes gently fell,
    A little lamb was given us,
    On that crisp, winter morn.

    And as He grew, new life was found,
    Found deep within the earth,
    Petals beautifully did spring forth,
    And not a blemish spoiled.

    Fresh sounds of song rolled off the leaves,
    Of fragrance laced with heaven,
    And that dear lamb, God’s chosen One,
    Was led toward that tree.

    The tree of death, the tree of life,
    And today this is given thee,
    To die with Christ, be born again,
    Never again be led astray.

    The wondrous Shepherd of mankind,
    With grace whispers your name,
    Come forth, come forth,
    From darkness holding, life begins with Me.

    Take My hand and walk beside Me,
    Bring your heart to pastures green,
    Living waters will cleanse, restore you,
    Open the gate that is nailed with My pain,
    Your shame is taken,
    My love is given,
    Silent knocking on your heart no more.

    And when the day into darkness turns
    And heart and soul and mind do yearn
    Turn ye unto the Lord above
    Cause underneath are the everlasting arms.

    Trials may threaten to overtake
    But only Him sense does make
    When far yonder things still prevail
    Look underneath to the everlasting arms.

    Weary soul, do not give in
    For He alone has taken our sin
    Battles above and battles below
    All fall into the everlasting arms.

    Cry no more, oh do but shine
    For victory in Jesus is mine
    Nothing else should be a care
    For underneath are the everlasting arms.

    So when the night into brightness be
    Forever secure and wedded to thee
    Precious Saviour, yours alone
    Underneath are the everlasting arms.

    When unable to send flowers, here’s a bunch of thank you cards for friends and family who are a special blessing in your life.

    Thank you for being a blossom
    In the bouquet of my dreams.

    Without you
    My dreams are empty.

    But; your presence fills me
    Your encouragement enables me
    Your hand is in mine
    With you I can press forward.

    I have been blessed because of you.

    Thank you for being the fragrance
    Of the rose in my heart.

    Without you
    My heart is hurting.

    But; my day is brightened
    My day is more beautiful
    My day is lighter, sweeter
    With you by my side.

    Praying you will be blessed this day, as you have blessed me.

    Heavenly Father,
    What can I say.
    I thank You for Jesus.
    For the Cross.
    For the blood shed, shed for me,
    Pure blood shed on Calvary.

    I lift up my family,
    And all that I am,
    All that I own,
    Because of Jesus, Your Son.

    I humbly ask for Your protection,
    For all whom I love, for myself,
    Our homes, our properties,
    And all that I hold dear.

    The more I am shown,
    Of Your amazing Love,
    The less I know I know,
    The more I know I don’t deserve.

    I pray for all who are suffering,
    In and without the Body of Christ,
    May this day bring Your light,
    To darkness in many a hopeless life.

    To God be the Glory,
    Pour Your truth and freedom,
    Into sorrowful tears,
    That the rainbow of promise,
    Sheds new dreams in my fears.

    Jesus, please show me,
    The depths of the battle of all time,
    When time was suspended,
    Because Your Father turned away.

    May I comprehend,
    The truths of Your Cross,
    Acknowledge the victory,
    Won for all believers … at Your cost.

    And the pain, feeling the agony of being
    Separated from Him whom You loved.

    And the love of Your beloved,
    The hurt, Oh! The hurting Body,
    Excruciating agony drifting through time,
    Beyond comprehension.

    I thank you dear Lord,
    For this day of hope, surprise and wonder,
    And in all my sufferings for this moment,
    Debilitating at times, wondering how I will
    Go on …
    Take me back to the Cross ... (cont)

    My prayer for you:
    Fill each empty heart True Vine,
    With Thy Love, Thy Mercy Divine.
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