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    The blood of Innocence
    Suzanne Snosavenski
    A man is stalking a young woman, and terrorising her. He has killed before and he plans to kill again, especially this young woman name Jessica. He wants her dead more than any of the other women he had killed, it had become personal, and he will kill anyone that gets in his way.

    Price:  $6.95

    book excerpt

    She didn’t know how long she had been running, she just knew this man was right behind her. However, she decided to slow her pace, out of breath, and to look over her shoulder; to her surprise, no one was following her. Stopping just for an instant she tried to get her bearings and find out where she was. Even though the town of Quartez wasn’t a large town, it wasn’t that small either for Colorado.
    Jessica had to find some kind of street sign, or marker that would tell her where she was. She didn’t want to call the police, because she felt ashamed and believed it was her fault. And the not the least of her worries was that she was scared to have killed the man. She thought it would be better to call her friend Dianne – first.
    Jessica found a phone booth at a convenience store, to make her call. When she realized that she had probably left her small purse in the room or at the bar; the thought of this man going through her wallet and finding everything about her, petrified her. She put her hand on the belt loop and felt her keys on the metal key ring. “Thank God I decided not to put them into my purse.” Jessica had no choice but to call Dianne collect. She didn’t know what time it was, but she knew her friend would come to her rescue no matter what time it was.
    Jessica was right; Dianne told her she’d be right over but to wait inside the store in case the man showed up. When Jessica told Dianne the name of the streets where she was, the latter quickly looked it up in the city map, and told her friend that he had taken her thirty miles out of the city to a small town called ‘Rouser’.
    An hour went by before Dianne finally showed up. Jessica was so relieved she couldn’t seem to get into Dianne’s car fast enough.
    Once inside and settling down in the passenger seat, Jessica realized that her cheek was swollen, and so was her lip. She put her hand to it, and cringed at the mere touch – it was very painful. Dianne glanced over to her and saw the swollen bruised cheek bone, and fat lip. She hadn’t noticed it at first, because they were both in a hurry to get away from that area.
    “Dear Lord Jessica did that creep do that to you?”
    “Yeah, but you should see what I did to him!” Jessica tried to joke to keep from crying. “Di... I think he has my purse…I mean I ran out of there so fast I forgot it. He’s going to know where I live, I am so scared. I don’t know what to do? Dianne I’ve really messed up good this time. That’s if I haven’t killed him!”
    “I really doubt it if you killed him Jess, and it wasn’t your fault, you didn’t ask for that. He took advantage of your condition and state of mind. Do you know that most rape-victims feel it is their fault and blame them selves? I know you said you weren’t raped, but still; you were attacked, and he would have raped you if you hadn’t put up a good fight and fought him off. I feel we should call the police. But we should turn around and get the name of the motel he took you to, unless you know the name?”
    “No, I’m sorry Di, like I said earlier; I passed out before he brought me there. Then, I left in such a hurry I didn’t bother to look back and check out the name of the place.”
    However, the women agreed it would be a good idea to turn around and get the name of the motel and report the assailant to the police. Jessica didn’t relish seeing the place again but she knew it had to be done. As they drove through the darkened streets, instinctively they locked the car doors, then, in a flash of recall, Jessica spotted the motel. Dianne stopped the car long enough to jot down the name and address. Once she was satisfied she had noted all of the details, they left to call the police. Jessica couldn’t wait to get as far as possible from the place. She was afraid the guy would pop up from behind some bush or car, and force himself into their vehicle. She couldn’t relax until they were well away from there. By the time Jessica got home it was five thirty in the morning. She didn’t want to go in alone and persuaded Dianne to come in for awhile. The police told her that they would have a car patrol her place for the next few hours. But she still didn’t feel safe. She knew the police could not watch the house every minute when they had other calls to make. After they quit watching her place, then what? She was so tired but she wouldn’t be able to sleep, with so many things going through her head. She felt so bad not being able to tell the officers the guy’s name. She tried with all her might, but his name wouldn’t come to mind.

    This is the first of 3 books, a suspense, mystery, romance, all in one. You won't be able to put it down.
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