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    Inspired Writings of a Prophet for Jesus the Christ
    Gregory Booker
    This is a collective group of inspirational writings with a unique and poignant message to the Christian community. It declares of the coming Christ for His Church and warns us not to be slumbering. It speaks also of Israel's redemption in God's righteousness and love to a world of unbelief.

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    book excerpt

    The book contains a variety of inspired settings capturing the moment of God's message to us all as the Spirit spoke to me. It especially highlights a prophet's message to his own nation the United States of America and Christians in general which includes four letters of prophetic utterances. I appeal to one and to all to consider these words that they might be profitable to your ministry. The following is a short description of each:

    A. The first is titled "The Declaration of the MYstery of the Last Days" reveals the mystery of God unfolding in end times as the scripture states. It announces to the Church to prepare for final deliverance from judgement. In addition, it issues a warning to an unbelieving world concerning his prophetic word on the Jews return as a nation, thereby proving the reality of God's word on earth. It also declares to Israel a deliverance to come despite their unbelief as a nation in Jesus as we see now. God is going to show the world that his love is greater than we think. He will deliver Israel at last yet judge a world who rejects this reality.

    B.) The 2nd & 3rd letter of utterance speaks specifically to USA. They are titled "Tears For America" and An Answer to the Tears, My America" respectively. America is God's country as we have called it or is it. For now it has become a place full of disobedience to the laws of God, and even the churches do seek to justify their own sins in the House of the Lord. Bringing to life the words of Apostle Paul which read "Let no man deceive thee. For the day of the Lord shall not come except their come a falling away first. Then that man of sin shall be revealed. The son of perdiction." 2 Thess 2:3.
    Five of the seven churches in the Book of Revelations chapters 2-4 reveals a sad conclusion. in them Jesus admires their works but despite their efforts declares they have forgotten their first love....Him! And He request of them to one thing and that is to repent.
    Clearly in America, our churches consisting of it's many denominations and cultures are failing to sustain pure and sound biblical doctrine. With true repentance before our God being practically nonexistent among much of the church community because while many may come to church, spiritually speaking few are coming to the altar to meet Christ and as the institution of Christianity weakens so shall America the nation.

    C. Finally, the 4th letter "In All Fairness...Such is the Lord's Righteousness" is a word concerning God's righteous judgement. In essence, would it be fair to try only Israel by Christ's first coming and not also try every other nation by his second coming? As Christ tested Israel, the Holy Spirit has made me to see how God is using Israel to test the world to see if we, the Gentiles, believe the reality of Christ return to redeem Israel. I declare that our failure to see literally ( as the Bible declares it) is doing the same thing to us as it did to Israel. The redemption of Israel is a process and with each passing day it is falling in line with God's prophetic word without fail.
    Could God be preparing to show the world what truth is and where it sits! After all isn't that where the Valley of Jehoshaphat is and the Battle of Armageddon is to be which is outside of the gates of Jerusalem? Who side are we on churches of America the world or the Word? Shouldn't we know that the Lord's coming is indeed drawing near and the way He is coming. I guarantee you the evening news wont tell you what we as Christians should know.

    Do come that we might have eyes that we may see and ears that we may hear. That a rejoicing may begin within our hearts, and the promotion of the Gospel might reach out to a lost world again. For the Spirit of Truth shall declare his story and is it already written through the prophets of the Lord in our hour. For they shall stand on the ancient prophets word and give them life with hope and promise.
    And let our hearts know that it is only fair that if first the Jew, it is now the test of the Gentile and it is in fairness. Such is the righteousness of the Lord. I forewarn in hopes of forearming our faith in Christ our deliverer for the time is set and the moment has already been declared. I hope the following four letters of prophetic utterance add knowledge and wisdom giving the Church clarity all of which belongs to the God of glory. I am but a cry in the wilderness. Prepare Ye the way...
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