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    Grace Trumps Guilt
    Donna Cole
    Tormented by your past?
    Insecure about future?
    Unable to forgive yourself for repeated sins?
    Think God will never forgive you?

    Grace Trumps Guilt is the fascinating memoir of author Donna Cole's journey from debilitating feelings of guilt to triumphant gratitude in the wake of knowing personally th

    Price:  $6.99

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    book excerpt

    “Donna, do . . . you . . . go . . . to . . . church?” my brother Fred
    asked, with a hint of sarcasm in his voice. I looked at him, not entirely
    surprised by the question, and then slowly responded, “Fred, I
    Intentionally and regularly attend church!”
    Intentionally seeking God was the point of the eulogy that had been
    preached just an hour before at my brother-in-law’s funeral. It had been a
    powerful message, and one clearly aimed at those not saved. My brother in-
    law, Billy, had been in a fatal car accident and had died instantly. His
    love for Jesus was evident through his intentional service for Christ.
    Larry Wells, my cousin and the minister, had given a beautiful portrait of
    Billy’s love for Christ. After the service, our family gathered in the
    fellowship hall of my brother’s church, where a meal had been prepared
    for us. It was a cold, rainy, December day, two weeks before Christmas
    in 2008.
    My first response to my brother was to just laugh and ignore him, but
    then I thought, God answered my prayer for this very moment. I no
    longer needed to cry or joke about my salvation: I am a Christian! One
    day, when I take my final breath in this life, I will spend eternity with
    Jesus. Fred’s teasing had in some ways contributed to my insecurities.
    I’ve been told that we say in jest what we carry in our hearts.
    Seated several places down and across the table, I moved in front of
    him, looked him straight in the eye, and said, “Fred, let me tell you about
    the day God sent me an angel.”
    It’s been years since that miraculous day, yet the dramatic change it
    brought into my life is every bit as real today. I cried as I spoke, and I
    could see that Fred was extremely close to crying himself. There was no
    doubt he believed me. He didn’t hesitate to say, “Only God could have
    done this for you!” But why had I not shared my wondrous story?
    I explained that I had shared—with my husband, our sister Jean, and
    a few of my closest friends—how God had answered my prayers of
    many years and how He had given me what I needed to feel confident in
    my relationship with Him.
    I had no indication that it was about anyone but myself. He loved me
    enough to answer my prayer; no one but me could truly understand the
    significance. For that, I am eternally grateful and will worship on my
    knees before Him one day. I will thank Him for that, and for so many
    other blessings.
    Fred persisted in telling me that I needed to share my story with the
    world. His wife, sitting next to him, looked at me and said, “Donna, there
    may be others in the world, struggling with the same issues of
    forgiveness. This could help them!”
    I told them that I had never thought of it in this way but would give it
    more thought—which meant I would pray about it.
    That night, I lay in bed praying, “Heavenly Father, do You want me
    to tell the world of this miracle?” Over the next few days, I could think
    of nothing else. Yet, how would I share my story? Perhaps a book? I
    Unless one knew me during these years of doubt, it is difficult to
    fathom my anguish. I wanted to know that my sins were forgiven, but I
    needed spoken affirmation from God! What if my sins were too many,
    and there was no hope left for me? I had to know that too!
    I believe in angels and, even beyond that, know that God has sent
    many to protect me throughout my life. Nevertheless, I prayed for
    another angel, one that would talk to me, in an audible voice, and state
    clearly that my sins were forgiven! That is what God provided me, and
    that is what I want to share. I prayed many years for an angel, and an
    angel He sent. I have no words to express the joy I feel because of the
    Grace my Heavenly Father so lovingly extended to me.
    So my answer is, “Yes, today I give birth to what God has placed
    within me. How sure I am of His love for me . . . and His love for you.
    That is why I am here, why every step I ever took was one step closer
    to . . . here.”
    Here . . . meaning my opportunity to tell the world how beautiful my
    God is and how deep His love is for a sinner such as I. Though I left him
    many times, He never left me. He saw my tears and answered my
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