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    Maxx .
    Your Price:$2.99
    As a tax collector for the IRS, Jesse knows all about the unrestrained power his agency wields. When it turns on him, will he survive?

    Secrets are part of the job. But old wounds haunt his sleep. When his faith and family are threatened, will he be destined to relive his father’s tragic mistakes?



    Secret of Secrets of The Lord
    Itunu Adekayero
    Your Price:$4.99
    Know more about the secrets of God for His people from this Christian book of teaching, which will enlighten you on the wisdom of God. Boost your spiritual Knowledge; and always remember that, THROUGH KNOWLEDGE, THE RIGHTEOUS WILL BE DELIVERED (Proverbs 11:9, NKJV).
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    Learn How to Navigate God's Presence and Experience Heaven on Earth
    joseph daratony
    Your Price:$14.99
    Why does God command us to seek Him when He is everywhere?
    How do we navigate the right paths into God’s presence?
    Is there a difference between God’s general presence and His manifested presence?
    Why is it God’s will that we manifest heaven while on earth?


    Free Reads For Reviews

    Wings in the Wind: The Reign of the Mawh'eyri
    David Butler
    Your Price:$4.95
    ThunderWing was a young warrior-eagle, a champion among the Great Eagles, who dwelt in the Mountains of Mawha. His ambition was to win the title of Windlord and the privilege of taking SilverSong as his nest-mate.
    But the road to greatness is far more difficult and eventful than he anticipated.

    Look Up: Redemption in this Generation
    Jim Zeigler
    Your Price:$3.99
    Wanting to know about the end of the world is nothing new. Each of the last twenty centuries has philosophers or prophets warning that the end is near. But they have all been wrong.

    He Sent His Son
    Jim Zeigler
    Your Price:$2.99
    This is a wonderful book to read during this coming Christmas season, to give to family and friends, and to teach children the deep blessing of Christmas or just to reinvigorate faith. Hats off to these writers who took the time to remind us all just how important and wonderful this season is!