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    Biblical studies

    You Will Need ADOBE DIGITAL EDITIONS to View These eBooks

    No More Whacky Worship (God's Revival Series, #1)
    Omaudi Reid
    Your Price:$3.99
    No More Whacky Worship is a no nonsense admonition of current and prevalent behavior among many named Christians – behavior that nullifies our claim to true worship. The book addresses how to identify and overcome personal and corporate practices that disqualify us from true worship.
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    Can Anything Good Come from Seinfeld?
    Melle Spencer
    Your Price:$8.79
    Small group, discussion oriented lessons that apply scripture to situations from episodes of the popular TV show.

    Made in the Image of God: Understanding the Nature of God and Mankind in a Changing World
    Reid Ashbaucher
    Your Price:$6.95
    Made in the Image of God was written for individuals looking for a deeper understanding of God the creator and how he relates to his creation physically, emotionally and spiritually in a personal way. This book would also make good resource material for discussions in small groups or class rooms.

    The 23rd Psalm, The Good Shepherd In the Temple of God
    William Bell
    Your Price:$5.99
    A fresh perspective of the 23rd Psalm with portraits of the heavenly temple, the priesthood, the Messianic Banquet, reconciliation and dozens more almost universally overlooked major themes in six of the most widely read verses of the Bible.

    Women of Destiny - When Faith Leads
    Norm Stewart
    Your Price:$5.99
    In women of destiny we see the faith, courage and ingenuity of three great women who left an indelible mark on history. In discovering their destiny, they answered when faith called, followed when faith led, and went where only faith traveled. In so doing, they changed history and saved a nation
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    Alive in Christ
    Pastor Bobby Keating
    Your Price:$4.95
    What does it mean to be "Alive in Christ?" This books delves into the the relationship that men need with Christ

    A Shadow of Good Things to Come: The Testimony of Christ Through the Old and New Testaments Book 1 of a two-part series
    Louise Fugate
    Your Price:$3.99
    Redemption through Jesus Christ was foreshadowed in the Old testament, and Christ was the "spiritual Rock" that followed the Israelites in the desert with Moses (1 Cor. 10:1-4). Watch how God's plan to send Jesus to die for us unfolds through the Jewish nation.

    El Tiempo Se esta Acabando
    Your Price:$1.99
    Aun recuerdo el dia que me hice cristiana! Han sido mas de cincuenta anos, pero cada vez que miro atras, me siento llena de gratitud hacia Dios y hacia la persona que El uso para alcanzarme. Como fue que me hice cristiana?

    No Fear: Conquering Fear Through GOD's Presence and Strength
    Randy Somers
    Your Price:$5.00
    God’s Love Will Heal the Fear in Your Life

    Everyone knows what it is like to feel afraid. Especially in our modern world, fear stalks our hearts and lives in many forms.


    Your Price:$4.95

    1. Preface
    2. Introduction
    3. God the Trinity
    4. Man-Body, Soul and Spirit
    5. The Lord’s Prayer
    6. What is Salvation
    7. Faith
    8. on Divine Revelation.
    9. The Truth
    10. The Ten Commandments
    11. God’s Promises
    12. Finding Truth in the Bible
    13. Is the Bible Outdated

    The True Justice of a Just God: Discovering God's Redemptive Plan for Mankind
    Larry Panarello
    Your Price:$12.95
    Is there really a God who is composed of love and true light? Are catastrophes, natural disasters, and calamities—what we consider acts of God—examples of God’s justice or the result of spiritual warfare?

    GraceTouch: Six Experiences of God’s Grace
    Larry Armstrong
    Your Price:$4.95
    You’re touched by God’s grace more often than you realize. You sense it, but you’d love to learn how to recognize the GraceTouch more easily, wouldn’t you? This ebook will lead you into an awareness of six tools God uses to communicate with you. They’re encounters that map out a Christian’s life.

    Knowing The Holy Spirit
    Lynn Gregory
    Your Price:$5.00
    A Bible study on the Holy Spirit taken right from the scriptures, our ONLY authority on God and His will for us.

    Jesus in Sheol
    Gabor Kover
    Your Price:$9.00
    The basic version of the book is a bachelor's thesis written in the 1990's. Since then, the text of this book has been taught in more than 30 Christian churches and in Bible schools. This teaching about the suffering and resurrection of Jesus Christ has been a great success everywhere!
    Available in more formats from:

    Robert Kiser
    Your Price:$5.00
    The "Jesus" book explains and defends the deity of Jesus Christ. It explains why the resurrection of Jesus Christ can stand as historical fact without using the bible. It also explains salvation as a free gift that cannot be earned.

    134 pages