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    Will I make a lot of direct sales on FaithWriters?

    No, most of your sales from FaithWriters will finalize through your Amazon or Smashwords account we point buyers too. This is due to the multiple ebook formats they offer. For example Kindle's epub is the most popular format currently utilized. If you want to sell books you need to be on Amazon and in a Kindle format. Our main job at FaithWriters is to help you get your book noticed. We promote your book across our 400,000 page views per month. Page views from people who were drawn to our site to read one or more of the hundreds of thousands of Christian articles. They are precisely the type of customer you are seeking.

    Do you really want to sell your book? If you do you need to be on Amazon too. We have members who can prep your ebook for Amazon and Smashwords for a very reasonable cost. Smashwords will also place your book on Barnes Noble, Sony, Diesel and other popular locations. Neither one of these outlets charge you anything up front to be listed with them. Both take a percentage of your sale price. They do however require that your book be correctly formatted as an ebook to submit. There is a difference between print and ebook formatting. Once your book is placed with Amazon or Smashwords we will link to it here also. This makes your book available in many formats for our buyers. To request a list of our members who provide these services -
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