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    The Ezekiel Files (Messages From God)
    CM Edwards
    GOD CALLS ON THE U.S.A. TO REPENT...And speaks to hearts, homes, churches, teachers and leaders in "Over 130 Messages from God" on Salvation & Changes Coming to the U.S.A. & World! God warns: "What you see to the East is coming to the West," and alerts USA & Church to prepare for tough times ahead!

    Price:  $4.95

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    book excerpt

    From Chapter 10
    Preparing the Church in America to Go Underground!

    God has put it on my heart to warn the Church of what’s to come... OVERNIGHT circumstances will bring about changes that will surprise and frighten many! The Church needs to be made aware of this, and begin to plan ahead.

    I was watching a Christian television show during the “International Day of Prayer” week, which aired at the beginning of December, 1998. They had a special on “the persecution of Christians around the world.” During this show, the speaker made the following comment: “Many of the Jewish leaders in Israel are warning the Christian leaders in America that they now see the same signs of persecution toward the Christians in America that they saw happen to the Jews right before the Jewish Holocaust—and told them to beware!” Drastic changes are coming to the Church even in America! God is warning the leaders, teachers, and its members of the local church to begin to prepare for it today!”.
    The Dream: One night I had a dream—The Lord took me inside this huge cathedral and told me to stand in the entrance and watch the doors. I did as I was told. Suddenly the double-doors swung open, and in ran soldiers carrying guns. They threw open the second set of double doors that led into the sanctuary where church service was going on, and I knew they were there to harm those inside who were worshiping God. I became frightened and ran down a hallway that led to several offices toward the back of the church. I ran into some people in one of the offices. They began to shake me and told me to calm down. They then tried to convince me to just accept what was going on, and not try to fight it (like they knew it was going to happen)! I broke away and ran back into the front entrance of the church, where I watched soldiers taking away God’s people. I then woke up from this dream—trembling!
    The Lord said to me, “If you wonder what it is going to be like in America—think of Communism.”...Persecution of Christians and underground churches is not a new thing in some countries of the world—but it will be to America!
    What would your church do if one day you woke up and saw soldiers and tanks in your streets, city blocks closed off, your leaders of God arrested or killed, and your church doors locked? This report is to help you prepare for such a day. The Church needs a plan that will be ready to put into action! For...what we see to the East will one day be upon us—even in the United States of America! May the following message help you begin to prepare!

    A Message to The Church—Prepare to Go Underground!
    Received August of 1998 “I come to let My people know of the harm that is coming your way! Listen to Me, all ye churches that love Me, that are ruled by My Name, by My Spirit, says the Lord God.
    “Be ye of one Spirit, one Baptism, one Lord. Are ye not all bought by the Blood I shed for you? Then walk as one, says the Lord.
    “There is a church not of Me, says the Lord. I come to warn you! It is a church of this world—not of My Spirit nor of Me—but of this world! It is a counterfeit church. This church is your enemy, and you are to beware of her!
    “I call all teachers and leaders of God to seek My face. Spend much quiet time with Me to be led of My Spirit, says the Lord, and He shall tell you which way to go. He shall alert you of danger that lies ahead, and guide you and My Church to your safe spot. Listen carefully and obey. It could save your life and the lives of others. Your mighty God speaks.
    “Church doors will become locked, and city streets blocked off. Plan ahead for this. Have meeting places—underground churches. Beware of all the information you behold that could put others in harms way. Begin now to plan. Discard of all data you no longer need that contains pertinent information of members of your congregation. Hold all necessary data on removable disks, always taking it home with you at the end of the day. For what’s to come shall happen quickly and overnight. Begin this day to prepare!
    “Meet with other members. Discuss what you should do when this occurs. Create a buddy system to check on each other, and begin to stock up—but not at your church location but in meeting homes. Keep your plans within your congregation, but still help other churches prepare.
    “What you see to the East is coming to the West! So prepare accordingly. Your mighty God speaks.
    “Your faith shall be strong. Just depend on Me, your Lord, every day, and learn—discern My voice. For My sheep know My voice, says the Lord. And I am their Shepherd!
    “I will guide all who look to me, and I will help your church prepare if you seek My face, fast and pray, and turn your whole lives over to Me, says the Lord. Together as one we will conquer all things. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and all things shall be given unto you. Your mighty God speaks.
    “Do not procrastinate. Begin today. Take each step as a step of faith—a step I shall honor, says the Lord. Amen.
    “Remember, I am with you even to the ends of the earth. Begin to prepare hearts for Me. Preach salvation brought about only through the Blood of Jesus Christ. Then preach My Resurrection Life unto all! In Jesus’ Name. Amen and Amen. Walk in faith. Your mighty God speaks.
    “Read Exodus to study and learn from it, for it shall be much like this—all led of My Spirit!”
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