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    If you are an author, you can sell your ebooks on the FaithWriters ebook store. The FaithWriters ebook store is owned and operated by, the largest online destination for Christian authors on the web!

    By selling your books on our online store, you can reach a large worldwide audience. reaches thousands of Christian readers. Just the type of buyer looking to purchase your book!
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    • Your book goes in our store and in our site wide rotating book ads found on Your book should also be on Amazon, the largest seller of books by far.

    • If your book is on Amazon only and you cannot or do not want to upload it to our site. You can still place the cover and description on our site for advertising . It will look like it is on our site but when the buyer clicks on the Buy button they will be taken to your books page on Amazon.

    • Once you are a Platinum 500 member, you will add your Pay Pal email address to your account and then fill in your ebook(s) details.

    • Your ebook(s) will be added to the online store for others to see and buy.

    • The buyer will then receive the link(s) to download your ebook(s). We do everything for you! You do not have to do anything else except leave your ebooks on the site and collect the payments sent to you.

    • If you are a Platinum member, you can add your book right now. Just click on the 'Author Add Book' in the heading above and use your main site login information to get started.
    It is that EASY!

    Important: "It is the author's responsibility to ensure that their e-book has been thoroughly edited/proofread before submitting for sale. Any e-books found to be lacking this, will be removed. This is necessary to maintain a level of professionalism, which will reflect well on all those who use this service, as well as protecting potential buyers. recommended Editors.