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    Best Sellers

    Into Thy Word

    A Simple, Easy to Learn, "How To" Guide to Better Understand the Bible and What God Has to Say to Us.

    How to do an Inductive Bible Study.

    Price:  $4.95


    Learn to Build the Net of Faith to Catch Others for the Faith! This book will teach you how to build your faith and Christian formation. And in return be able to share your faith without fear to others even without opening your mouth! And if you do use words what to say and how to say it.

    Price:  $7.95

    The Field Guide to Healthy Relationships

    Discovering and Applying Biblical Precepts to the Building of Lasting, Quality Relationships, Including Marriage and How to Find the Person Who Is Right for You! This incredible insightful book is a Tour Guide to lead you through the maze of confusing options, and the rough waters of relationships.

    Price:  $7.95

    Fasting and Prayer

    A presentation on fasting and prayer as spiritual tools for inner peace.

    Price:  $3.25

    A Healing Journey: Emotional and Spiritual Wholeness through Personal Journaling

    I wrote A Healing Journey as a manual, a workbook and a journal. It will teach you about the practice of journaling and will guide you through this wondrous writing experience with practical

    I invite you to embark on a journey to a forever freedom.

    Price:  $6.00

    Three Questions to Heal a Marriage

    Join Brett and Sara in an exploration of three straightforward questions that will radically transform your marriage. Acquire the tools and principles for a Christ-centered relationship as you and your spouse dare to ask: What is being shared? What is being admitted? What is Being confronted?

    Price:  $6.95

    Prayer & Worship

    A study on the connection between prayer and worship.

    Price:  $3.00

    Vagabond Prince

    Enter the life of one of the most intriguing of Israel's judges., the story of Jephthah - son of a prostitute, but still becomes a valiant warrior, and ultimately frees his people from the iron band of oppression.

    Price:  $2.95


    St. Peter describes the Devil as a roaring lion walking about. A young minister confronts temptations and situations which he realizes come from the Devil who has been trying to destroy him by influencing his friends and associates. A gripping novel based upon real experiences.

    Price:  $4.95


    This is a 40 day journal designed to encourage you to abide with God everyday through scripture, meditation and prayer.

    • Use this journal to write down your daily reflections or meditations and prayers as you develop your Christian lifestyle and your personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

    I urge you to strive your very best to write as often as possible and review this journal as often as possible.

    My prayer is that this journal will bless you in becoming all that God wants you to be. May it aid you in encouraging and strengthening others in their Christian walk to the Honor and Glory of God Almighty, now and forever. Amen.

    Price:  $4.95

    Giving Up Or Pressing Onward

    This is my autobiography about my struggles in life, how I struggled to find God, how I finally accepted Jesus as my savior and what's happened since that time.

    Price:  $10.00

    Love by Heart

    Thirty years ago I responded to the call of God when He spoke to my heart, "Teach my people love." The journey has been adventurous. This devotional is a collection of lessons I'm learning along the way. Come walk with me.

    Price:  $7.00

    An Interpretation of Worship and Guidelines

    A short booklet on worship from the view point of a psalmist, intercessor and pastoral counsellor.

    Price:  $4.95

    When the Holy Spirit Reveals

    When The Holy Spirit Reveals, endeavors to thoroughly examine twelve controversial themes in Christianity, such as the power of our words, visualization, tithing, unity with the Body of Christ, and the Rapture. It contains several word studies from the original Hebrew & Greek texts.

    Price:  $5.00

    My Thank You Calendar

    My Thank You Calendar is an undated calendar and contains calendar pages, themes, and color pages for parents and teachers to use with their children or students.

    There is one theme for each month of the year. Also, subtopics are listed under each theme.

    Price:  $5.00

    The Vault

    Imagine two strangers, a single preacher and a homeless woman, thrown together in freezing weather, with little food and water. Locked in a concrete vault in a pratially demolished building in mid winter. Will they survive? Will his ministry be ruined? Will evil triumgh?

    Price:  $3.95

    Elementary Principles

    Teaching based on Hebrews 6:1-3.

    Price:  $3.00