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    Family matters

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    MISSIONARY MOTHER - Around the World with Five Kids
    Lisa Enqvist
    Your Price:$3.00
    What was it like to travel with five kids around the world soon after World War II? This book shares thoughts my mother had on that journey. How did she and her family survive the numerous pressing situations? What was the source of her faith and what gave her strength to face new challenges?
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    The Passion of Dying: A Help Manual for the Terminally Ill and for Those Who Care for Them
    Robin Wisch
    Your Price:$4.95
    Those faced with a terminal illness are hit with it unexpectedly. Likewise, those who care for them are devasted and grope for a way to mesh care for their dying loved one into their own life,which is present and will go on after their loved one passes. This book will help to answer that dilemma

    Christian Counseling
    Euell White
    Your Price:$6.95
    This book is about the need for Christian counseling in the local church. The author contrasts Christian and secular counseling, concluding that secular counseling results in temporal help at best. He points out that most emotional problems have spiritual roots, therefore require spiritual ministry.
    Available in more formats from:

    Christian Dating: 20 Keys to Healthy Relationships
    Karen Maloy
    Your Price:$4.95
    The Bible says God's people will perish without knowledge, and when it comes to dating we are definitely at a loss. This book provides biblical principles which are necessary to build healthier relationships, and to approach your dating stage with confidence.
    Available in more formats from:

    He Came To Stay
    Your Price:$3.50
    This is the story of John, a Down Syndrome young man who for 27 years blessed our family. I felt that telling his story might bless others. He truly loved the lord.

    Lorene Weaver
    Your Price:$2.00
    Alcoholism affects the entire family with each person experiencing his/her own private hell and giving all of us who have grown up in such families a common bond. Usually generational, behaviors are handed on down until someone is ready to break the mold. That person becomes an overcomer.


    Recipe to Raise Responsible Teens by Age 5
    Kathern Welsh
    Your Price:$8.97
    Recipe to Raise Responsible Teens by Age 5 is a Common Sense, Straightforward, and Entertaining Guide to Raising Children. It’s based on nearly half a century of actual hands-on experience, along with years of observation and self-study. No Matter what type of parent you are.
    Available in more formats from:

    Grieving Grace
    Doug Spurling
    Your Price:$2.99
    Written with real tears and raw emotions, as we felt and dealt with the passing of our dear mother.

    The original intent was to bring comfort to our family.But, since these stories provided such understanding and comfort for us, we decided sharing our experience may be of help to you as well
    Available in more formats from:

    Empowering Strategies from a Parent to Parents
    Omesha Pettway-Jones
    Your Price:$4.99
    Empowering Strategies from a Parent to a Parent is sure to offer ideas that will open the dialog between you and your children and keep that line of communication inviting, and fruitful!

    Why I Repented Being Gay
    K Godfrey Easter
    Your Price:$8.00
    Why I Repented Being Gay is an engaging, two-part series exploring the depths of the grace and truth of God pertaining to same-gender attraction and homosexuality. It has been written to help speak peace to the seemingly insurmountable challenges faced by believer and unbeliever alike.

    FIRE AND WATER: A Safe Journey through Multiple Personality Disorder
    Anna Thomas
    Your Price:$7.99

    Mother Has Alzheimer's
    Betsy Tacchella
    Your Price:$9.95
    I knew little about Alzheimer's disease, a devastating ailment afflicting over five million Americans, and I hadn’t known anyone who suffered from it. Then it became personal. My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.
    Available in more formats from:

    The Voice
    Doug Spurling
    Your Price:$9.90
    More than a book—it’s a message.

    About the strength of family and power of prayer

    The only thing Mac wanted more than a good day of sailing was a big, noisy, messy, happy family…

    But life happens, dreams sink and battles rage…

    Ricky turned to The Voice, opened his heart, started a war…and won


    Wake up Mama You're Killing Me
    Donald Standeford
    Your Price:$0.99
    'Wake up Mama You're Killing Me' is my prayerful attempt to lend my voice to an aborted fetus.

    The Fetus addresses the doctor who performed the 'routine procedure' that ended its life.

    This is a kindle-book. The paperback is a 35-page pamphlet. Dan Caringer narrates the Audible version.


    Healing Within the Storm
    Lillian Holcomb
    Your Price:$7.00
    Are you looking for empathy while going through a difficult separation or divorce? Are you the spouse left behind due to an affair? Journey through this book to be encouraged, inspired, and strengthened with one who has been there.