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    Biblical studies

    You Will Need ADOBE DIGITAL EDITIONS to View These eBooks

    Jody Day
    Your Price:$4.74
    H.E.A.V.E.N. is a devotional to help get a handle on the storms of life.

    The Catholic Church vs. the Bible
    Arnold Petrosino
    Your Price:$2.99
    Roman Catholicism is not the same as the Christianity of the Bible. This book will appeal to Roman Catholics, former Roman Catholics and Christians who are trying to reach Roman Catholics or are curious about what the differences are. Many, many Roman Catholics don’t know what their church Teaches.
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    The DiVine Code
    Dan Wafford
    Your Price:$7.95
    The Bible Code. The DaVinci Code. Did God really encode hidden messages in the Bible? Yes! But unlike the uncertain Bible Code or fictional DaVinci Code, God's code reflects the clear text message of His plan for man and the seven works of grace that Christ performed on man's behalf.

    Dear Adversity
    Brenda Emmons
    Your Price:$8.95
    A book written to encourage those going through difficult times and to share how to choose hope in Christ over despair.

    Jesus Your Way Or God's Way
    Andy Centek
    Your Price:$8.50
    A deep look into what scriptures really are saying about Jesus and who is was and is.

    The Spirit of a True Believer, Lessons from the Life of Ruth
    Gregory Berry
    Your Price:$7.95
    The Spirit of a True Believer is a unique look at the book of Ruth. God often uses historical incidents as object lessons for His believing people. This book shows how Ruth's relationships with Naomi and Boaz reflect the relationship that the Christian believer should have with God.

    Fast Track To Freedom
    Your Price:$4.95
    My wife, Bonnie, prayed for ten years for God to deliver her from cigarettes. She tried everything from patches to gum. Nothing worked. Then she read this manuscript. She asked the Lord to show her what to fast from. She was also a huge coffee drinker. Coffee and cigarettes went hand in hand for her. It kept coming up from the Lord to fast from coffee but she kept ignoring it. The Lord wanted her to train her flesh to obey her. Then the Lord told me to advise her to fast from coffee, even though I did not know He was already talking to her about it. So, with that confirmation, she went ahead and gave up the coffee. Two days later, God delivered her from a thirty-four year addiction to cigarettes.

    Abortion and Judgement
    Don Costello
    Your Price:$6.00
    Backed by 30 years of Biblical studying,this book comprehensively reaveals the similarities between the child sacrificing of ancient Judah in comparison to present day abortion-on-demand in America--and touches on the judgement that Judah experienced and the judgement America will probably recieve.

    The Perfect Religion, A Beacon to the True Kingdom of God: Where have you been hiding
    Phillip Cimei
    Your Price:$9.99
    Is there such a thing as a perfect religion? If so, then why are there over 34,000 branches of the Christian faith? If there is one true body of believers, why do some feel like the following:
    • I need to wander around from church to church because I’m not satisfied
    • I’m afraid if I make a mistake I’m hell bound
    • I’m stuck in a lukewarm church with members who are satisfied with a mediocre religious life
    • I’m tired of that one doctrinal point that defines my church and excludes other Christians
    • I’m not sure if what the preacher is teaching is correct, but I’m afraid to buck the system
    The author, having embraced all of these destressing feelings, takes the reader on an unprecedented treasure hunt to find that illusive perfect religion. And after 50 years of digging he might have hit the mother lode—The Sermon on the Mount. Will it satisfy those still searching for the truth. Will it reaffirm the faith of those who have found the treasure? Will this truth set those shackled to a confused state free? The author addresses the problem head on.
    He weaves through the maze of controversy, theological mumbo jumbo, and religious opinions to give answers to why there is so much division in the church. And why so many wandering souls are searching, if not in their heart, from church to church. He uses captivating illustrations—a girl with a moose, a boy ravaged with a flesh-eating disease, and a vulture eyeballing a starving child, to bring to life Christ’s quest to show those wandering souls the way.

    “Will I truly find God?” you ask.
    “I love those who love me and those who seek me diligently will find me” Prov. 8:17


    LEGACY: Crafting Your Childs Future With Words
    Your Price:$4.95
    As a believer, you are a king and a priest--and your word is power (Ecc. 8:4). What you say over and to your children powerfully impacts their lives, for good or bad. After the tithe, 51 percent of the proceeds from this book go to the American Bible Society project for Bibles for China!

    Freedom is no longer in question
    Blaine Keith
    Your Price:$4.95
    In our daily life and living many questions can arise, many things can lead to confusion. Hopefully here this writer/author can create for a you an environment where: Freedom is no longer in question.

    Know the Truth-Know Your Enemy
    Lisa Russell
    Your Price:$6.00
    I believe there are four “knows” that lead to spiritual maturity and freedom in Christ. This study will be divided into four segments:
    1.Know Who You Are In Christ
    2.Know TheFather Intimately
    3.Know Your Enemy
    4.Know Freedom

    The 23rd Psalm, The Good Shepherd In the Temple of God
    William Bell
    Your Price:$5.99
    A fresh perspective of the 23rd Psalm with portraits of the heavenly temple, the priesthood, the Messianic Banquet, reconciliation and dozens more almost universally overlooked major themes in six of the most widely read verses of the Bible.

    Wayne Mac Leod
    Your Price:$4.99
    A Devotional Look at God's Standard of Behaviour for the Old Testament Believer

    Beauty in the Brokenness
    Sheila Mills
    Your Price:$3.99
    Beauty in the Brokenness focuses on the woman at the well's encounter with Jesus, as recorded in the book of John, Chapter 4. Her story is a message of hope and encouragement to those who have ever felt abandoned and trapped by their circumstances.