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    Biblical studies

    You Will Need ADOBE DIGITAL EDITIONS to View These eBooks

    The Temple Life
    Candice Madewell
    Your Price:$4.95
    This book takes an in-depth look at what it means to be God's temple.

    Women of Destiny - When Faith Leads
    Norm Stewart
    Your Price:$5.99
    In women of destiny we see the faith, courage and ingenuity of three great women who left an indelible mark on history. In discovering their destiny, they answered when faith called, followed when faith led, and went where only faith traveled. In so doing, they changed history and saved a nation
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    The Mystery of Suffering: Escape From or Presence Within Suffering
    Jim Lindemann
    Your Price:$4.95
    Drawing upon Dr Paul Brand's understanding of pain's usefulness, considering Corrie ten Boom's and Earnest Gordon's experiences in prisoner of war death camps, observing Job's ordeal, along with other Biblical information, just what is suffering's role in God's plan?

    Colorful Truths Volume 1
    Rick King
    Your Price:$0.00
    Do you struggle with your thought life? This book gives practical application of scripture and God's ways of utilizing them to cause you to be victorious in your mind. It also covers other subjects such as peace, walking in the spirit, releasing God's power in your life, and ministering to the Lord.
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    SOJOURNERS: In a Strange Land
    Rochelle Arnold
    Your Price:$6.99
    In Genesis 17:8 God promised Abraham and all of his descendants, the land in which they sojourned or resided in. The Almighty has established a covenant with all born again believers. This covenant promises that we will possess the land. This book is filled with revelation and prophetic insight

    Insanity Defenses: Escaping the Madness of Faith
    Michael Wilmot
    Your Price:$5.00
    Based on the fact that knowing why you believe what you believe requires reason and faith, Wilmot examines biblical truths, philosophical arguments, evidence of the supernatural, and practical applications in order to understand who God is and what the response must be to that knowledge.

    Worship: Seeing Beyond the Ceremony
    Henry Jaegers
    Your Price:$8.00
    Apractical study in the book of Leviticus
    Available in more formats from:

    El Tiempo Se esta Acabando
    Your Price:$1.99
    Aun recuerdo el dia que me hice cristiana! Han sido mas de cincuenta anos, pero cada vez que miro atras, me siento llena de gratitud hacia Dios y hacia la persona que El uso para alcanzarme. Como fue que me hice cristiana?

    Does Tithing Insult God
    Monica Bennett-Ryan
    Your Price:$4.95
    When Miriam left an Eastern Cult to serve Christ she didn’t expect to be deceived. The shattering effect of learning that she had been taught a lie after placing her trust in Christ almost shipwrecked her faith. She cried out to the Lord for the truth and the answers she received restored her joy.

    You Can Read and Understand the Bible
    Floyd Schneider
    Your Price:$2.95
    How to read and understand the Bible ON YOUR OWN!

    Sacred Journey: Through Advent to Epiphany
    Karen Pourbabaee
    Your Price:$6.99
    Time to change direction and follow the ancient paths, where the good way lies. Within these pages you will embark on a Sacred Journey, discovering little advents along the way. Look beyond the secular signs of Christmas to find hidden, holy treasures.

    Your Price:$4.95

    The Creation of the Heavens and the Earth
    Always Return to our First Love
    Predestination-How God Sees the Future
    More on Predestination
    Gospels-Parables of the Kingdom
    A Mother in Israel and a Prophetess
    Has God’s Plan for Israel Changed?
    Hell-The Dumping Ground of the Universe
    Identifying the Spirit of God in Us
    Interpreting the Bible
    Jews, Christians and Passover
    Jews, Christians and Tabernacles
    More Links Between Christianity and Judaism
    Matthew 13: The Wheat and the Tares
    The Second Coming and the Rapture
    The Suffering Servant
    The Fall of Man
    The Feast of Pentecost
    The Forsaken Bride A Story of Hope
    The Kingdom of God
    Be Like Christ
    The Recesses of the North-The Fall of Satan
    The Works of God
    The Epistle of Jude

    The Song of Moses
    Timothy Kay
    Your Price:$0.99
    This song of Moses will be sung by those that overcome the Beast in the final generation. As is mentioned in Revelation 15:3 This song of Moses is a testimony against those that did not overcome. It is very important to understand the message of this song.

    Words: 11,860
    Language: English

    Available in more formats from:

    Joshua, Judges and Ruth
    Wayne Mac Leod
    Your Price:$4.99
    A Devotional Look at Israel's Conquest and Settlement in Canaan

    Your Price:$4.95

    1. Preface
    2. Introduction
    3. God the Trinity
    4. Man-Body, Soul and Spirit
    5. The Lord’s Prayer
    6. What is Salvation
    7. Faith
    8. on Divine Revelation.
    9. The Truth
    10. The Ten Commandments
    11. God’s Promises
    12. Finding Truth in the Bible
    13. Is the Bible Outdated