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    The Tick Tales
    Your Price:$1.99
    This is the story of a young tick and his family. IT also tells of a tick business that resulted in the creation of the tick family. You'll enjoy the spoof on words all through the story.

    Light Farm Works
    Beth LaBuff
    Your Price:$0.99
    This collection of light verse was written by Iowa native Beth LaBuff. Imagine a corn crib that was repurposed by fowl society in "Barred Plymouth Rock Band." What exactly will make a catfish sweat? See "Catfish on a Hot Tin Roof." Then there's a one horse race between a horse and mule....
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    The McGreedy Book
    Your Price:$0.00
    The McGreedy book is about a family that is quite greedy and where they learn in a hard way that life isn't all about money and things; it is about sharing, loving and giving. It is a series of humorous and interesting experiences.

    Galactic Light Verse
    Beth LaBuff
    Your Price:$0.99
    In "Battle-Starfish Galactic," Houston had a problem. When a lunar war escalated over starfish fishing rights in the Sea of Tranquility, an emissary was procured from Neptune. "Neither Asteroids, Nor Shooting stars," finds unrequited love due to a bungled routing code on a letter proposing marriage.
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    Tales From the Cafe'
    Deborah McDade
    Your Price:$0.99
    A tongue-in-cheek collection of short stories told by a small business owner about the various happenings at the Cafe' she owns.

    Inside Timmy's Mind: Enter at Your Own Risk
    Michael Edwards
    Your Price:$3.99
    Clean Christian comedy. A favorite comedian at FaithWriters conferences.