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    Forever Kozy
    Marilyn Borga
    Your Price:$4.99
    Shadows from Kozy Hanner's past reach out to haunt her when one of her third grade students is whisked into foster care. She must face her fearful memories and learn lessons in forgiveness and compassion before her relationship with Nolan Calderon can move forward.

    Darling Dare Enduring: The Loss of Her Own Daughter
    Donald Standeford
    Your Price:$2.99
    Darling Dare, 33 years old, grew up an army brat. She is well trained in hand to hand combat. Darling must use her hand-to-hand combat skills to stay alive against the onslaught of evil that comes upon her. She may be alone, but she still has the training left to her by her father. She is not your typical 1961 homemaker and hair salon owner.

    The General's Treason
    William Charles Oakes
    Your Price:$0.99
    In Ancient Israel, a good King falters. As a result, his infant son dies in fulfillment of prophesy, his chief General plots treason with other powerful allies in the Kingdom. Together, they attempt the deception of the century. Will they succeed, or will God intervene?

    Church Administration

    8 1/2 Secrets: How to Keep, Encourage and STOP Driving Your Volunteers Crazy
    June Kenny
    Your Price:$9.99
    8½ SECRETS reveals the down-to-earth practical leadership strategies to energize and mobilize your unpaid workforce. These are the SECRETS your volunteers wished you knew! Are you really doing everything you can to achieve your ministry goals? Empower your volunteers! 8 1/2 SECRETS shows you how!