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    30 Days Intercessory Prayer Book: For the Hurting Parents
    S Mariah
    Your Price:$7.10
    This prayerbook is especially designed for the hurting parents to pray powerfully for their family.

    Are you looking forward to a breakthrough for your sons and daughters? Do you believe that God is able?
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    The 'She' Renewed: Part IV In attitude & thought
    S Mariah
    Your Price:$1.99
    In Part III, Alice was in relationship for the first time, but ended up being so miserable as the outcome wasn't what she expected.

    She went on shifting the blame on God, she abandoned God for some time till God picked her up again..

    The 'She' Redeemed: Part III In relationship
    S Mariah
    Your Price:$1.99
    Alice is in her very first relationship ever in Part III....her life has changed drastically because of the Grace of God. That's the author's very own story, unfolding to all.

    The 'She' Recovered: Part II
    S Mariah
    Your Price:$1.99
    Here comes the Part II of The'she' confused....and now she is the 'she' much have changed since Part I in Alice's life.

    It's the author's real story, her life has changed because of the Power of God, she discovered that she is highly loved by God....want to discover more?
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    The 'She' Confused: Part I
    S Mariah
    Your Price:$1.99
    This 'Alice' has lost her identity, she doesn't know who she is in God's eyes. She's been wandering in her 'wonderland' for quite long time, can this 'Alice' be set free? Why is she so confused by the way?

    Let's find out, this is the author's own story/testimony...
    Available in more formats from:

    Women's Interest

    The 'She' Completed in God
    S Mariah
    Your Price:$11.90
    The 'She' used to be very confused with her identity, through God's love, she's recovered, redeemed, renewed and finally leading to her marriage.
    Available in more formats from: