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    Family matters

    Wake up Mama You're Killing Me
    Donald Standeford
    Your Price:$0.99
    'Wake up Mama You're Killing Me' is my prayerful attempt to lend my voice to an aborted fetus.

    The Fetus addresses the doctor who performed the 'routine procedure' that ended its life.

    This is a kindle-book. The paperback is a 35-page pamphlet. Dan Caringer narrates the Audible version.


    Church Administration

    A Discordant String in God's Harp: A Compassionate Approach to Mental Illness in The Church
    Donald Standeford
    Your Price:$5.99
    In glancing at the sun through the warmth of one August, sky; God in the glory of his fantastic being.

    Just as he hung on the cross in love, he hangs his love in the cloudless sky.

    He watches from above.

    I hope someone out there can benefit from this book.


    Donald Standeford



    A Flaming Arrow in God's Bow: Pondering Your Past As a Guide to Your Future
    Donald Standeford
    Your Price:$7.49
    This is the audio version of my book, A Flaming Arrow in God’s Bow. The paperback and Kindle versions are also available.

    I like this Audible version; I feel producer Dan Caringer has managed to catch perfectly the tone, mood, and emotional resonance I intended for the written version.


    A Flaming Arrow in God's Bow: Pondering Your Past As a Guide to Your Future
    Donald Standeford
    Your Price:$3.49
    A Flaming Arrow in God's Bow is a mixture of narrative, prose poetry, autobiography, and reflections on God.

    Jesus Christ plays a major role in this book, as is fitting since he's really stepped up to playing a major role in my day to day life. I wrote this book with boldness, trying to show one p