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    You Will Need ADOBE DIGITAL EDITIONS to View These eBooks

    wisdom mupudzi
    Your Price:$9.00
    By reading this Award Winning Ebook you will be able to enhance your destiny and relationships by mastering how the two intertwine. Whether you are dating or married, this book will enable you to grasp many of the major issues when it comes to romance and purpose. You have an Uncommon Destiny!
    Available in more formats from:

    How to Break Curses
    wisdom mupudzi
    Your Price:$4.99
    One of the biggest issues affecting the 21st Century man and woman is the subject of curses. As an Intercessor my heart breaks for all the men and women who are operating under curses without knowing. In this book you will discover the common curses and most importantly how one can break free.

    Don't Quit That Marriage ...You Can Make It Work!
    Onyechuku Aghawenu
    Your Price:$4.99
    This book will show you exactly how to win back your partner and re-ignite the passion in your once-happy marriage life. Happiness in your marital life depends far more on what you do than on what your spouse or anyone else does. No matter the current state of your marriage, you can improve it.

    Sexual Dreams Busted
    wisdom mupudzi
    Your Price:$4.95
    Dreams have always carried special information for year. There are plenty of dream types and dream sources.
    There is one particular type of dream that is common among many people. This type of dream has many implications, this is the sexual dream. Discover the truth about Sexual Dreams!

    Marriage is Good News
    Chibuzor Onochie
    Your Price:$4.49
    We have seen people struggle with their marriages. Some have even accepted the wrong teaching that marriage is full of troubles, because they don’t Know God’s will for their marriages. I have good news for you in this book. That good news is that, God’s will for your marriage is Good news.

    He Will Never Leave You
    Jaylin Palacio
    Your Price:$7.47
    A first-person narrative about marital infidelity, the faithfulness of God, and the healing power of forgiveness

    Through the Years: Investing in your Marriage
    Judy Sauer
    Your Price:$5.00
    Getting married is the fun part!
    Staying married is the hard part.

    Advice from lessons learned along the way in 25 years of marriage. Included are words of wisdom and kernels of insights.

    Be inspired to invest in your marriage so it can be all that God knows is possible!


    I Will Not Be Broken! How to Shut Down Verbal Abuse and Bring Out Your Inner Diva
    Yukio Phillips
    Your Price:$27.00
    I Will Not Be Broken. How to Shut Down Verbal Abuse." is a powerful and unique resource for women suffering in emotionally abusive relationships. Women learn to build their self esteem while working out a plan to leave the abusive relationship safely. 15 minute free consultation included w/ purchase

    Seven Steps To Keeping Intimacy, After You Say I Do
    Mrs A Morgan
    Your Price:$8.95
    This book was designed to aide couples who are married, engaged, contemplating marriage, divorced, or contemplating divorce. It's purpose is to allow each person to take a look withing themselves and to realaize that your marriage can work, with Gods help.

    How to Find a (Christian) Marriage Partner
    Floyd Schneider
    Your Price:$2.95
    If you are over 18 and still single, you�ve probably wondered:

    How Have Other People Found a Christian Marriage Partner?
    Does God want ME to marry at all?
    How Do I Find GOD�s Choice?
    Where Do I Look to Find My Future Mate?
    Where Can I Get Some Good Advice?
    How Do I Get to Know the Person I�ve Chose

    How to Plan a Chic Low Cost Wedding
    Miriam Kinai
    Your Price:$5.00
    How to Plan a Low Cost Chic Wedding by Dr. Miriam Kinai shows you how you can creatively improvise to create a beautiful wedding on a tight budget. It also contains a list of free resources from software to patterns and recipes to help you save on money but not on style as you plan your wedding.