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    The Home for Christian writers!!

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    Would you like to read Newer Christian releases that normally sell for up to $10 for FREE? Would you like to help new Christian authors get noticed and maybe discover the next best seller. Then we've got an offer you can't pass up.

    If you are willing to place a review on and FaithWriters sites, we have some Christian books you can read for FREE!

    1. Take a look at the books listed HERE. Sign up below to be notified as new books enter the program.

    2. Once you find a book you like, click on the authors name and you will go to their personal profile.

    3. On their profile page click on Send the author a private message. Tell them the title you are willing to review for a free read. Provide them with your email address. They will then send the book directly to your email address, your Kindle email address, or they will make the book available to you in another manner.

    You should hear from the author within a day or two. However, due to spam and other potential internet issues, they may not receive your request. So just in case, jot down the following email address. If you have not heard back from the author within a couple of days, email us at [email protected]. Provide the title and authors name and we will try and contact them. While you are waiting, you can always choose an additional book or books in the program to read.

    4. Enjoy your Free Read!

    5. Post a review on FaithWriters, Amazon or where the author requests for their book. You will find a place to post your review on FaithWriters at the bottom of the books specific page in our store. Please also click on the books Amazon link and post a review there too. Reviews on Amazon are very important for the promotion of the author and their book. You do not need to purchase the book on Amazon to review it there. The only requirement to write a review on Amazon is that the you have an Amazon account and have purchased at least one item through it. If their book is not on Amazon, review it on Smashwords if it is there. If it is on neither, just do the review in our store.

    *Authors at their own discretion retain the right to refuse requests.
    *An honest review is requested. A positive review is not required in exchange for the book.

    Please check back often for new books.

    Thank you for helping promote new Christian authors.

    FaithWriters Members can submit their books to this program HERE.

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