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    God's Abundant Life
    james rondinone
    Your Price:$2.99
    For many Christians, the words ‘God’s Abundant Life’ have been heard by them at one time or another from the pulpit.

    When believers understand what this new life pertains to and how they can experience it daily, their walk with God will never be the same.

    And then and only then, what constitutes



    Raising GODLY Children In SODOM
    Omoruyi Osawaru
    Your Price:$8.49
    Have you been wondering how you are going to train your children to be godly in this Sodom-like cities and world of ours today? Or will your children end up being like Loth’s daughters who were influenced by Sodom? Or have you become complicit in helping the Sodomites to commit a lesser sin as Loth.
    Available in more formats from:


    Either Way, It's Okay: A Story of Faithfulness, Trust, and Determination to Face Cancer Together with an Eternal Perspectiv
    Joy Bach
    Your Price:$12.95
    he choice was wallow in grief and self-pity...or to live a joyous life with cancer.

    "For everything there is a season...a time to be born and a time to die." Eccl. 3:1-2 NLT

    In paperback only


    You Are Valuable: Don't Let Depression Get You Down
    Patricia Jordan
    Your Price:$3.99
    I've written my story of how I've overcome depression so hopefully, in reading it, you or your loved one will be encouraged to keep trying to find the right solution that works for you or your loved one. I believe overcoming depression is achievable for most people.


    james rondinone
    Your Price:$2.99
    This book is written for Christians to help them recognize whether the church they’re attending or might attend contains the kind of godly leadership that will equip them to become spiritually mature.

    The scriptural ingredients of the calling of God, being qualified by the Spirit, scriptural qualifications, the content of the messages, and inherent duties for ordaining someone to the authority position of a pastor will be examined.



    Mourning: Finding the Way Forward
    Nnenna Moneme
    Your Price:$4.72
    Living in our imperfect world means that we will experience several losses – losses that may leave us stuck in our grief, fear and insecurity, making us paralysed and unable to live again. This book is an invitation to learn and apply biblical principles that can move us forward from our loss.

    New Believers Study Manual
    Nnenna Moneme
    Your Price:$3.99
    Several people in our world want to know God. However, with so many voices, they are unsure where or how to begin their journey of knowing God.


    The Challenge: How Many Stories Do You Have Hidden Inside?
    Joy Bach
    Your Price:$10.10
    Let's have fun as we peruse these pages.

    PICK A TOPIC and see where your thoughts lead you. You just might be surprised. It's an exciting moment to discover another aspect of your capabilities. Defy those rationalizations that thwart the expansion of your outlook.

    That's why it's a challenge.