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    Harold A. Gram
    Western civilization is under attack from within by the secret terrorism of Marxism, materialism, and secularism; and from the outside by violent terrorists. This book identifies these secret terrorists and shows how they attack Western values and ideals.

    Price:  $4.95

    book excerpt


    Western society is under attack. The incident of 9-11 is one in a series of violent incidents, and it is credited to the militant terrorists outside of the Western world. But, inside Western society are secret terrorists who attack the fundamental values and beliefs of Western society, convince people that their purposes are benign, and their intentions are to improve society.
    The internal terrorists are those intent upon killing the golden goose of prosperity by rejecting the values of individualism, accountability, and democracy. They are the self-glorifying politicians who want to expand their own influence and power, create a legacy, and build a personal heritage by expanding the power of the state and crushing all opposition. They are socialists who, in the name of compassion and mercy, want to turn people into dependants, acquire centralized power, and control all decision making. They are teachers and leaders who fight absolute values of right and wrong, and want to replace morality with relativistic concepts, situational ethics, and materialistic goals. They are the modern utilitarians who are content to approve gay marriages because they may reduce the incidence of AIDS, and who justify bribery, extortion, and fraud under the name of a higher purpose of keeping the country together.
    These terrorists attack the absolute values of Western civilization in the name of progress, freedom, and democracy. They find the concepts of good and evil to be outdated ideals and seek to replace them with relative terms like love, OK feelings, and self-development. They try to create a society where dictatorship, with its claims of greater efficiency, is preferred to democracy. They view democracy as interfering with their experiments in social engineering and the creation of new and different human beings. They search for behaviors which are free of moral constraints so that they can have the liberty of license.
    They do not identify themselves by wearing turbans and long gowns. They do not have name tags. Terrorism is an attitude of the heart and mind which erupts in violence and the destruction of that which is hated. Terrorists are believers in an ideology, not in truth. They act normally and want to be unrecognizable. Yet their intent is to destroy, not to build.
    The motto written on the Statue of Liberty about taking in the poor and down-trodden of the world was written when it was flooded with independent people seeking the freedom to build a New World. The United States is no longer a new world. The refugees of the world are often those who have failed elsewhere, whose hands are stained with the blood of rebellion, and whose souls search for gory revenge. It has many who want openness without cost; who want freedom and the right to destroy and kill. They are takers but not givers. Having created an open society, the United States has opened its door to terrorists and killers. It has showered billions of dollars upon foreign nations to support civil rights, democracy and freedom and has received no thanks; no support; often no results. It has not created new Americans holding Western values.
    The dilemma of the American Constitution is that its guarantees of individual freedom and the curtailment of government power are being eroded by enemies of the society under the protection of the very Constitution they oppose. We need to understand the nature of the opposition and how to mount a defense against it.
    The list of the enemies of Western civilization is long and extensive. Internally the new terrorists are university professors who think it is cool to decry patriotism, glory in multi-culturalism, resist military recruiting on their campuses, spout Neo-Marxist slogans of tolerance which says that one set of values is as good as another, and foster ethical and moral relativism. The new terrorists are black civil rights leaders like Jesse Jackson who, using fake outrage and threats, struts and preens as the defender of the poor while feeding off those he purports to defend.
    The new terrorists are politicians who seek to preserve their re-elections by pork barrel politics, pandering to special interests such as illegal immigrants and minorities.. The new terrorists are the people who barter their freedoms in exchange for free health care, pensions, and hand-outs, and who defend a dependant relationship with government to ensure benefits continue.
    The new terrorists are ethical relativists who in the name of tolerance refuse to stand for anything. They sell their Western values, or give them away, for the fleeting pride of appearing generous, open, and wealthy. These are the people who believe that Western prosperity can be held without any costs, because somehow they deserve to be continually blessed. The values which have built Western civilization have been bought with the blood of Omaha Beach, the testimonies of martyrs who would not give up their values of individualism and liberty, by the sweat of millions of workers who seek equality of pay and work, and by leaders who survived the pain of hard moral decisions. The values of Western civilization came from a Martin Luther who stood defiant before the bureaucratic structures of Rome to preserve the dignity of individuals to approach their God directly. The values have come from philosophers who strained to discover the meaning of a life which was free, and of a spirit which was unbounded. The values have come from a moral philosopher, Adam Smith, who wanted to support the freedom and dignity of a person to make his own economic choices.
    In this book we trash some popular ideas, oppose many political norms of the day, and spear the stupid and ignorant. We adopt some strong positions and use some tough language. We hope to challenge the reader to examine this society, their role in it, and to think about the future they want for themselves and theirs.
    Harold A. Gram
    James P. Gram
    December 2002
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