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    David's Ocean Journey
    john miller
    Join David on the adventure of a lifetime as he flies about the lake near his home and meets his friend Alexander, an angel. They enjoy flying together around the lake and then Alexander takes him for his first visit to the ocean.

    David hears a mysterious song coming from the sea that captivates

    Price:  $2.99

    book excerpt

    So they sat for a while simply marveling at the spectacle before them, being absorbed in sight and sound and the warmth of the sand and rising sun. David lay back to watch the sky and the gulls playfully diving and swooping at each other and listened to the waves washing rhythmically up and down just beyond his feet. The sound had a sedating, almost hypnotizing effect, and David thought he must have fallen asleep because he was sure he heard voices singing or rather, really chanting something that he couldn't make out. But he was sure he heard voices, and not just a few, but it sounded like it must be hundreds and even thousands all together, but very low in a minor key.
    He turned his head toward Alexander and whispered, "Do you hear it Alexander? The singing I mean, do you hear it?"
    "Of course, I hear it very well David. It is the song of the Ocean, you might say it's the chorus of the Sea, from all the different sea creatures joining their voices together in harmony. This is in fact what causes the Ocean to have it’s rhythm and it’s waves to sound upon the shores as they do continually." Alexander replied with a broad smile.
    "But what does the song say? It's as if I hear voices singing, but I can't quite understand the words. Please tell me Alexander, what do they sing?" David yearned to know.
    "Ah, my dear one, you must listen very closely and open you heart to the rhythm. It might be best if you close your eyes so that you are not distracted by the sight of all around but only hear the music." Alexander advised.
    So as David closed his eyes, and let the sound wash over him, then he thought he heard what sounded like a chant in time with the waves:
    Depths of Earth,
    Depths of Sea.

    Depths of Earth,
    Depths of Sea.
    Again, he heard those same mysterious words, faintly chanting;

    Depths of Earth,
    Depths of Sea.
    But there is more than that, if only he could hear better; and then he heard;
    Low of lowest,
    Low are we.
    That's it, it's a whole verse, almost a song, he thought. Again he heard it, only this time he heard the whole verse together.
    Depths of Earth,
    Depths of Sea.
    Low of lowest,
    Low are we.
    He heard this several times more, and then a new verse became audible.
    Humble now,
    Humble then;
    Humble always,
    We have been.
    "Alexander", David whispered, "What does it mean? What ever is this strange chant?"

    "Shh, only keep listening David, and you will hear it all, just be very still and open your heart." Alexander whispered back.
    Then his heart was opened and his ears became clear and he heard the whole song;

    Depths of Earth,
    Depths of Sea.
    Low of lowest,
    Low are we.

    Humble now,
    Humble then;
    Humble always,
    We have been.

    In continuums of time and space,
    We are given the lowest place.
    From the depths we lisp and sigh,
    Calling to you to draw nigh.

    Join with us in humble mode,
    Make our dwelling your abode;
    Tho' we breathe water and you breathe air,
    Briefly you may join us here.

    Listen to our sacred chant,
    To our Maker we incant;
    Murmuring our song of Praise,
    Humbly throughout our days.

    Your fellow creatures - Tho fish are we,
    Hope this lesson you may see;
    What 'ere your time, what 'ere your place,
    Tis always best to ask God's grace.

    God is good,
    God is great,
    and we thank Him
    for our fate.

    Tho the lowest,
    we may be;
    only creatures
    of the sea.
    David couldn't hear anything now but this incredible song from the sea, that before had only sounded like waves on the shore. He heard it again and again and began chanting along with a growing feeling of joy like a warmth spreading through his whole body. It was not only joy that he felt, but gratitude toward the One who had made him, who had made all of this and whose creatures gave him thanks constantly. It was a feeling that all he was and had been given all his life was a great gift of such proportions that he could never completely appreciate and that he had taken totally for granted. He thought of his family and how well off they were, without many worries and the beauty of the place they lived and the places they visited on vacation. The grandeur of life, was something he had not really grasped before, but more than that, mankind had an even greater place than all the rest.
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