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    A Life Fulfilled with the Fruit of the Spirit - Dr. J. Malherbe St. Juste : Christian Bookstore WestBow Press
    Jean St. Juste
    This book is created for spiritual Christian growth. It will inspire the readers to seek and trust God as He deposits these attributes of the Fruit of the Spirit in their lives. I trust that you will earnestly prepare your hearts to be awakened to the Fruit of The Holy Spirit.

    Price:  $5.99

    book excerpt

    Attribute One—Love

    Love is the assurance that believers in Christ know and possess the true knowledge that God loves them all. I often come across the fact through some reflective process of Christian rearing that children’s songs were in effect the deepest of knowledge deposited upon the hearts of future Christians.

    A child or youth in church or new believer in Christ may sing the song “Oh, how I Love Jesus,” written in 1855 by Frederick Whitfield and influenced by 1 John 4:19. We love Him, we sing, because He first loved us.

    Is that not a case where a simple song conveyed a deeper understanding of our relationship with Christ? We truly come to love Him as we are taught that He first carried out the works of redemption and propitiation to satisfy the law’s judgment upon us.

    The condemnation of the laws once pronounced us guilty by the fact that our penchant is always toward evil, but by His sacrificial act of atonement, He made us free from the bondage and consequences of sin.

    His love and obedience worked out God the Father’s plan
    of salvation—the coming of His Son in human form to experience humanity in every way and die the death of indignation to pay the price for our freedom from sin and resurrecting to secure our victory over death, hell, and the grave. All this occurred long before we existed and had knowledge of our sinful conditions.

    Whenever we attempt to understand something that is done in our stead before we had any idea of its magnitudes, we fall in awe of the prescience of Jehovah-Elohim. We maintain this unfathomable outlook of a life that is so precious to the Creator that He purposed and carried out the greatest act of love ever known; He died for us to give us life eternal.
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