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    David's Ocean Journey
    john miller
    Join David on the adventure of a lifetime as he flies about the lake near his home and meets his friend Alexander, an angel. They enjoy flying together around the lake and then Alexander takes him for his first visit to the ocean.

    David hears a mysterious song coming from the sea that captivates

    Price:  $8.55

    book excerpt

    As he watched his reflection in the surface of the water, he caught a glimpse of a small dot soaring high above. He executed a perfect triple loop in his excitement and then ascended in a vertical spiraling pattern to meet his best friend, Alexander. As he approached at top speed, Alexander dodged left as David went right and shot past, and looped over and back along Alexander's path, overtaking him. As he caught up Alexander began to rotate in a helical pattern and David joined in opposite and facing him so that their flight made a double helix as they went. David and Alexander both laughed all the way and ended by locking arms at the elbows and slowing their spiral down till they were gliding normally again.

    "I hoped you would come today!" David laughed out to Alexander. "You did promise to take me to the ocean today, in case you may have forgotten."
    "I remember very well David, and that is why I came to find you. So if you're ready, let's be off!"
    "Follow me to the sea,
    So you may know of things that be;
    For if in life you would be free,
    You must see what's at the sea!"
    Alexander chanted this verse as they went, and David joined in, still laughing - enjoying the rhyme though he wasn't completely sure what it meant.
    They passed across the lake's mirror green surface and waved goodbye as they went out of the village and on across the open countryside. All the fields were bursting with the foliage and flowers of spring. "It's always spring here isn't it Alexander?" asked David, "It's always so beautiful, I'd like to stay here and never go back home again."
    "No, it's not always spring, but spring may last as long as you like here, it need not ever be winter if you so wish," replied Alexander.
    "How long will it take to get to the Ocean Alexander?" David gushed, "Are we almost there?"
    "Well David, time is not really so important as you may think -
    For what is Time, if Time's a thing,
    Can it be held, or watched, or made to ring?
    Can it be bought or stopped or singed?
    But only Time the Future brings!"
    "Alexander, do you always have to talk in riddles? Why can't you just say things normally?", complained David with an exasperated sigh.
    "OK David, here's what I'll do,
    I'll speak in rhymes when I talk to you.
    For riddles can only sharpen your mind,
    If you would - the answer find."
    And so, Alexander and David continued in this manner of discourse as they went on for some time, with more rhymes than David could tolerate, until at last:
    "Look David! There it is just on the horizon, the Ocean!!" shouted Alexander.
    As David looked, he caught his breath at the beauty of the sun rising over the Ocean front. "The colors in the sky are so pure and bright, I've never seen any thing like this in my life!", he exclaimed as they glided on toward the shimmering glory of light on water and sky.
    "This is one of my favorite places too David - in all of creation, it must be one of the very best!" declared Alexander.
    "Show me everything!" David panted as they arrived at their destination.
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