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    Our Contemporary Society
    Eugen Pop
    Our Contemporary Society book with Our Contemporary Society lesson. This Our Contemporary Society study and Our Contemporary Society story with Our Contemporary Society lesson looks at Our Contemporary Society message and asks what does Our Contemporary Society mean.

    Price:  $8.78

    book excerpt

    About the author:

    Eugen Pop is a Romanian who lives in Lyon, France. He is a single human being who have studied as autodidact ( a self-taught person) theology, philosophy , literacy and English language. Eugen loves reading, spreading the Good News, learning and studying the substance of things and the nature of the phenomenon. He is the author of God Exists! God is Real! , What is Love? God is Love! , In the Presence of Jesus, and God and the philosophies of the philosophers.

    Everywhere all around the globe, newspapers, books, politicians, writers, philosophers, journalists, internet, mass medial, inform- report-tell about the events, phenomenon, tragedies, natural disasters, behaviours, anomalies, violence, wars, scientific discovering, technological progress, innovations, economic crisis, that are and characterise our contemporary society.

    Our ,, postmodern society’’ has a lot of religions, systems of thinking, philosophies, reflections, life styles, hobbies.
    Immorality, violence, aggression, excessive materialism, perversion, Eros, material pleasers dwell our contemporary society.
    Wars, military conflicts, revolts, revolutions took and are taking place in our contemporary society.

    Our contemporary society, especially the western countries, is very educated and civilized. We live in a world evaluated and advanced technologically.
    We are living in a society so developed scientifically.

    There were and there are a lot of events, majors events; natural catastrophes- earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, climate change, epidemics, illnesses in our contemporary society.

    Many people in our contemporary society are seeking the happiness by pleasers, physical satisfactions, hedonism ( happiness through pleasers.
    Christians in the Muslim countries; in Africa, in China, in Iran, in India, in Indonesia are persecuted, beaten, tortured and killed in our contemporary society.
    Our contemporary society is a corrupted, perverse, immoral, sexualized, violent, aggressive, dissatisfied, without moral values, materialistic, hedonistic society.

    I had just watched the world Christian news and I saw the natural disasters, catastrophes; earthquake in Japan, flood in Australia, Christians persecuted and killed in Africa.

    A lot of people in our contemporary society are so stressed and worried about themselves, about their jobs, about their health states, about their children, about the political situation of their countries, about the economy of their countries, about tomorrow, about the bad news, about the major events which are taking place in their lives and in the world.

    Our contemporary society, our world is an fallen society – world.

    People are losing their jobs and their material situations and conditions are too bad in our contemporary society.
    A lot of people commit suicide in our modern and contemporary society.
    Our contemporary society is an immoral society, is an perverse society, is an sinful society, is an vicious society, is an immoral society, is erotic society.
    People are looking for peace, love, inside comfort, happiness, security, protection in our contemporary society.

    There is too much instability in our contemporary society; political instability, instability in relationships , instability in our responsibilities, instability in our feelings, instability in our thinking, instability in our practices, instability in intentions, instability in actions, instability in coming and going, instability in being faithful, instability in loving people unconditionally, instability in our struggles, instability in plains, instability in perseverance, instability in our promises, instability in our decisions, instability in doing God’s Will, instability in helping people, instability in preaching the Gospel, instability in fighting against the sinful nature, instability in fighting against sexual seductions, instability in generosity, instability in giving generously, instability in doing good, instability in being positive, instability in our desires and aspirations, instability in loving God, instability in waiting the answers to our prayers from God, instability in praying diligently, instability in going to the church, instability in listening and practicing God’s word, instability in our life styles, instability in being totally available with our time, means, gifts, talents, competences for God, instability in being firm in our decisions etc.

    People Have Time In Our Contemporary Society

    People have time in our contemporary society; people have time for them, but have no time for others, for the interest of all, for general interest;
    People have time for studying and reading the things from this material world, but they has no time for seeking God and reading His word, the Bible; people have time for material pleasers and satisfactions, but have no time for spiritual things; people have time for talking with their beloved ones and friends, but have no time for talking to God our Creator; people have time for going in vacation, but have no time for going to the church; people have time for buying and selling and making lot of money, but they have no time for praying, seeking God, and sponsoring Christians missions, and doing something for God; people have time for so passing – ephemeral and invaluable things, but they have no time for no passing- non ephemeral and valuable word of God; people have time for seeking the sense – the meaning in live, but they have no time for seeking God, the Creator of the Heaven an earth; people have time for laughing, but they have no time for praying and crying to God etc.
    People have time whenever they want and desire to have time for themselves, but when others need them, they have no time.

    People are celebrating their birthdays, anniversaries, inaugurations, meetings, nationals feasts, traditions, weddings, victories in sports in our contemporary society.
    People are seeking for help to the people that can’t and are unable to help them in our contemporary society. People are seeking for help to men, not to God, the only one able to really help them.

    We are hearing people in our contemporary society, saying; we are living in the end time, it’s the end of the world, we are living apocalyptic events, phenomenon, our planet is polluted, the climate is changed and degraded.

    Sadness and depression dwell into many lives in our contemporary society.
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