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    Reign: The Millennium

    This book is about the Millennial Reign found in the Bible. This is fictional speculation, a sort of "What if . . ." story based on one historic position that there will be a literal reign for a thousand years which still lies in our future. eBook [Print book page count 492, 6x9]

    Price:  $8.95

    book excerpt

    “The very special day that I am going to tell you about, reader, began as any other day. It was sunny and a little cool. The earth was beautiful and I was awakened by Lucius who told me that once again Elaine wanted me to join her at the Dais. Lucius never sleeps. I wondered if there would be another visit from the Over-Lord Janice. I dressed quickly and joined my Mistress, Elaine, at the Dais. I sat by her feet on the grass. Several of the other Immortals greeted me and I responded respectfully, aware of my special privileges as a mortal which Elaine has given me. Sure enough before long angels started appearing before the Dais. Elaine had told me that when Janice had come that there was one whole legion of angels that preceded her. Soon I was aware that at least twice as many had appeared. There were so many this time that they spread out after coming through the portal and formed a semi-circle in the air facing the Dais. They just kept coming and coming. I was getting more and more excited and a little frightened. After what must have been six legions had arrived, an enormous angel appeared. He nodded to the immortal princes and they nodded respectfully in return. I heard Elaine say softly, “Gabriel.” He was larger in every way than the other angels and had an enormous head which sent forth a beautiful glow. I knew who he was but I had never seen him. He was magnificent. To my surprise the angels kept pouring through the portal. I asked myself, who could be greater than Gabriel? My breath left my chest. The Emperor!

    “I had been watching the Immortals out of the corner of my eye for some clues. Before I could catch my breath, I saw the Immortals on the Dais fall on their faces and throw their crowns and scepters on the ground in front of them. I was terror stricken. I fell on my face behind Elaine and grabbed her ankle with my left hand and held on for dear life. Suddenly the air was full of a sweet, sweet scent and I felt wonderfully light headed. I remember thinking briefly, good, maybe I will pass out and die right here on this spot of grass. I heard the immortals shout praises to the Emperor. Then I heard his voice. It sounded like a hundred gentle waterfalls. Instantly I was at peace. Elaine had pulled away from my grasp and I was left on my own. I don’t know where I got the strength to look up but I lifted my head slightly to get a glimpse of him. I was surprised. Looking at his profile he seemed to be just a man. He was much smaller than the Metropolitan Henry Sawyer. He had medium long hair and a full beard that was not very long. He wore a simple white robe. He was not wearing a crown or coronet or carrying a scepter. He looked my way and before I could divert my eyes, we made eye contact. I felt like a lightning bolt had just passed through my brain but I was not injured and I knew it. I put my face back on the ground.

    “Everything grew silent and before long I was sure that I could hear footsteps in the grass coming my way. I hoped that it was Elaine but I could tell that it was not. He put his hand on my shoulder and applied some upward pressure so I sat up. I was filled with peace. I sat there on my heals and looked into his eyes. I was lost in them. I swam in his eyes for what seemed forever. I was completely absorbed. Later when I met the man I was to marry, I loved to look into his eyes and I was aware of him and of myself and my own body very strongly. Lost in the emperor’s eyes I was only aware of Him. I was drowning in love. It was wonderful. Words fail me to explain it. I can not to this day describe total joy. But I experienced it then; the absence of every other feeling or emotion or thought except absolute joy, joy abounding and eternal. When I was in the state of love with the Emperor, everything else flew away. Somewhere I must have known that there was a world there. But it would wait, everything and everybody waited for Him.”

    "After a while he smiled and took his hand off of my shoulder. I saw wounds in his hands. He smiled and walked back to the Dais. He sat in the chair to the Metropolitan’s left which was always reserved for him. The crowns and scepters remained on the ground and no one seemed to care. These precious things which had been purchased by so much devotion in their mortal lives lay like trash. What an experience! I felt that I could live to a ripe old age on this experience alone, and indeed, I did."
    When the Emperor returned from the invisible realm several things happened. First, the believers who had died in faith were resurrected and given their Immortal bodies. Second, the believers who were living on the earth at the time of the return were transformed instantly and given their Immortal bodies. Third, those living at the time of the return who were not believers remained mortal and fell under the rule of the Emperor and the Immortals who serve Him. The mortals are born, bear and raise children and die as all mortals do. Fourth, the Enemy and his legions are bound for the Thousand years. Mortals still seek to rebel against the Emperor because of their fallen nature. Fifth, those who had died who were not believers remained in their graves until the end of the Thousand year Reign.
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