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    Man's Restored Image
    gloria minatti
    This book is unique because it depicts mankind in all its attributes, spiritually, mentally and physically. There has never been a book of its kind that covers all the areas that pertain to mankind's well being. Announces our beginning, and heralds our end. Leads humanity on a path never before trod because of fear of the unknown. Brings out the true authentic potential within every man and woman.

    Its conception was inspired greatly by the Author's personal and spiritual encounter with basketball legend Michael Jordan. His strength, vitality and focus are major themes in the book. In 1998, God revealed through the Author his destiny, and from that unforgettable meeting this book was conceived.

    It provides a map of the journey of life incorporating meditation and proper breathing as guides. Coming full circle, it depicts man's beginning, and exemplifies his gestation of life. Leading men and women into a maze of information and knowledge that catapults one into an entirely new dimension of living.

    Religion and spirituality are two different sides of the coin, and leaves one with the understanding that one can be religious yet never coming to the full knowledge of who God is. Revealing Him by His ways, and not just His acts. It is a refreshing read, as it winds it way through our heart, mind and soul.

    Acknowledges the truth that man is a spirit having a physical body, denying that he merely an earthly, physical being having a spirit. That which makes man a human being is not his body but his spirit, in which the image of God originally lay. As God's self-knowledge lies in the eternal Spirit, so man's self-knowledge is by his own spirit, and his knowledge of God is by direct union of the Spirit of God with the spirit of man. I cannot overstress the importance of this in our forward walk into our destiny as sons of God.

    Man's Restored Image portrays the power of God to take that which is foolish in the eyes of men, and transform it into His image and His likeness. Taking on the form of man that He may restore man. On the sixth day God created out of a thought, and then on the seventh day He rested from all His labors, but on the eighth day, the day of New beginnings, He made Michael Jordan.

    Price:  $10.00

    book excerpt

    There are dozens and dozens of books in the market today that speak about a religious walk with God, but God is a Spirit and those that worship Him must do so in Spirit and Truth. The concept of this book is to accomplish that. I have spent many years praying and teaching the Word of God, and met many different types of people along the way. The one thing that stood out was that people really want to know God, but there are so many voices speaking today, so many hands writing; how does one know which one to follow? The Spirit of God is our guide, our teacher. He is the one that will never lead us astray. Whenever we lack wisdom, we have only to ask God and He will grant it to us.

    I have found that our greatest hindrance is not the things or people surrounding us, but ourselves. We tend to compromise our very essence of who we are when it comes to spiritual things. Society as a whole do not desire a personal relationship with God. They will go to church or some edifice to appease their conscious, but never coming to the realization of the true God. Why wouldn't we want to know Him? After all we were made in His image and according to His likeness. Truth is the world at large no longer believe this, and have embraced the ludicrous idea that we came forth out of nothing. We evolved from one species to another, and lo, behold, here we are! My purpose is not to refute or to debate man's puny understanding of its existence, but to show the way to it.

    We all have beheld ourselves in a glass, and when walking away we forget what we look like. This is why we are constantly searching, but never really comprehending what we're searching for. No one will ever come to their true self until they have accepted that they are more than just matter thrown together at some point in the universe, or that we have only come forth from a lower species, and evolved into what we call Man. The intention of this book in its spiritual and physical capacity is to drive one to seek the truth, and that truth will set you free. Anyone that has been set free by the true Word of God is free indeed.

    During my teenage years I struggled with my identity. It wasn't for the reason my teenage son tells me today that he is "trying to find himself." I wanted to identify with something or someone because I was mixed. There are many in society today that have gone through this turmoil, and through ministering, they still are. I came to the conclusion that it wasn't about the color of my skin or my last name, or what color my parents were. It was what I like to term "a matter of the heart." From the moment I came to this great revelation I have never looked upon others the same. I always try to see within them and find there the seed that is in every man, whether we accept it or not - the seed of Christ.

    Our perception of ourselves and others depends on our viewpoint. If I am in the position of a high place, then I will see with greater clarity than someone in the valley. If you went to a rich man's penthouse, and was able to look across the city, it would appear a lot different than someone looking at the same city from a window in the ghetto. This is why it was so hard for the rich man to leave all for Christ. He had much so he perceived he had much to lose; but even though he was wealthy in the natural, he was not rich. A true man of riches realizes that he is nothing without God, and doesn't live for his money, but his money lives for him.

    The man appeared to desire to walk with the Lord, but when he was faced with the decision to leave all behind, to sell all he had and give it to the poor, he walked away sad because he couldn't do it. The man in the penthouse do not share the infirmities of the weak and poor. In fact he doesn't even know what's really going on in that part of the world. I am not speaking of some foreign country, but right here in the United States of America. This is the land in which we proclaim "In God we trust." What ever happened to the slogan, that covenant statement? I tell you where it went, when mankind began to see that they could do things without him, make money, fulfill the American dream, and not even be a Christian; the fear of God was lost. When God was divided by imaginations of denominations we no longer had a penthouse view of God, but a puny view out of a window in the poorest part of town. This is changing, God is promising that.

    When God inspired me to write this book I was hesitant at first because it would definitely go against the grain not only of humanity, but religion as well. I don't have a problem bringing forth anything that I believe in, but this was more than just my own belief; it was truth, and someone had to tell it. In other words someone has to be the first to go in, and possess the land; to become pioneers of a new era. The whole theme of the book began with my spiritual encounter with Michael Jordan. I wasn't going to include this in the book. I felt it was irrelevant, and I didn't want people to have the assumption that I wanted to use this situation to sell the book; but God saw fit that it was included.

    In 1987 God gave me a vision of a man, and this MAN was male and female. This MAN was holy even as He is holy, righteous as he is righteous, perfect as he is perfect. This man was in the image and likeness of God, and would do all his will. This MAN I saw was perfect in every way, and through this MAN God brought forth a whole new order, a new breed of people, if you please that change the course of not only history, but time. I kept this vision in my heart for ten years, and then on January 23, 1997, God brought an even greater meaning of the vision. It corresponds to the Song of Songs written by King Solomon. It represents the pure union between Solomon and the Shulamite. Solomon named himself, but he didn't name the woman, but used an epithet to describe her. Her name means "double resting place." Why would Solomon characterize her that way? How can a woman be a resting place for a man? In the beginning, and that is what God is bringing us into - a new beginning, God created MAN male and female, and the female was the soul of the male. She was his mirror, his soul, his crown.

    Song of Solomon states that he was crowned on his wedding day. How could he be crowned when he already was a king? He had to have had a crown already to represent his status in the kingdom, so there must be another meaning to this statement. This is what I meant when I said our perception is pertinent to everything we do. It's important to understand that there is a higher meaning here than meets the eye. He was crowned on his wedding day not with a crown of gold or jewels, but with his bride, the Shulamite. The Bible states in Proverbs that if a man finds a wife he finds a good thing, and obtains favor of the Lord. In other words he is crowned with his soul. I am giving much attention to the female here because on the average the perception of humanity is that the man is supreme or superior and does not need the woman. Even the perception of God is a male form, but in all truth God is male and female, or else he would have never said, "Let us make man in our image and according to our likeness. God brought forth Jesus Christ through a woman. Yes, the woman is needed and she is important. This is only the natural understanding that I am bringing forth here. There is a woman or the soul in every male and female. We have been operating as dual creatures for thousands of years, but now God is bringing a union, a oneness of our true self. When I saw this man - male and female, in 1987 they were on a mountain, and a mountain denotes a high place, a higher consciousness than that of the earth bound male and female. This is of course was through no doing of their own, God brought them here as one unit. Two separate people, opposites but of the same mold. They were truly one. There were no marriages like it. We have many today that come close, but as any wise person knows that coming close is no where near the actual thing.

    You are probably asking right about now, why did I get off the subject of Michael Jordan. You want to hear about that. I have in no way stirred away from my subject, because he is every bit involved with this as anyone else; in fact more so. As I stated in 1997 God showed me in greater depth the meaning of the vision, and that it was about bringing forth a new man, a new order. God showed me that the man on that mountain was Michael Jordan, and that now the making of the man begins. Like any sculptor, it all starts with a vision, then you get the materials, and then molding begins.

    God chose His mold, and he wanted me to intercede for him for one full year, and then he would send me to him, and speak the Word. This is what I did, and when the appointed time came for me to go to him, I did. I didn’t hesitate because I didn’t doubt God’s Word, and I knew what He showed me. God shared His vision with me of what he was making behind the veil, the curtain of flesh; and now He required me to speak it forth. It was one thing to write it down, or to tell my close companions in the ministry, but to tell Michael personally took much prayer!

    The other question that is coming forth in your minds is if Michael is the male form I saw, then who is the female? That would be something God would have to reveal to whomever He pleases. Solomon didn’t put a name, neither will I, but I do believe that God will unveil her to all those that love His appearing. She is truly a mystery, but I have seen her, and she is one suitable to his needs.

    God’s 8th day man is a corporate man, but there is always a first. Abraham was a first, Moses, David, and even Jesus. They were all representations of that which was to come. They were all firsts of their kind, but not the only one of their kind. Out of the mold that God is forming in Michael shall come forth others of the same likeness. God spoke to the first MAN male and female, reproduce and replenish the earth, reproduce after your own kind. He definitely was not talking about having babies all over the place, and surely He is not speaking of this in the present.

    This is a spiritual reproduction, first within us then without. In every new dispensation or order God has always had an example of what He was going to do next. This is what this MAN is, an example of the new order, the order of Melchisedec, a king/priest. Some of you reading this may not know who he is, but you can read about him in Genesis and Hebrews. Melchisedec has a male and female gender to its meaning. Melchi - represents the Spirit, and sedec - represents the soul. This is why there is a divine witness of him in scripture, meaning he is found in two places, the Old testament and then again in the New. Paul said he was a man, male and female, and that man is the order of the power of an endless life.

    In 1998 I went to Chicago totally by the Spirit to speak the Word to Michael after intercession went forth for him for 12 months. On April 14, 1998 God spoke to me while in service and told me to go. I had no idea where I was to go, and how I was to see him, but I trusted God and made my plans. I was told this on the 12th which was a Sunday, and had to leave that Tuesday. Any one who has ever walked with God in this manner knows that is how He operates. I didn’t know how long I would be gone, but I took enough clothing for a week. I ended up staying for three. My secretary and traveling companion in the ministry accompanied me so that I would have a witness to what the Lord was doing. I also didn’t want any misconceptions about what my purpose was in seeing him.

    We stayed in the hotel praying until we received Word from the Lord as to where we were to go. I had no idea where Michael would be, and had no earthly, physical way of getting to him. So we waited for direction. Finally on Thursday the 24th God spoke to me and told me to go a restaurant called 160 Blue. I had never heard of it, and wasn’t even sure if I heard right. I had my secretary call information, and find out if it really was such a place. She came back to me and said, "Yes." I told her to call and make reservations for Saturday, because that’s when God said Michael would be there. When she called, the hostess said that there were no openings, and that we would have to call at least 2-3 weeks in advance. When my secretary told me this, I wasn’t moved. God had already proved this was of Him, by showing me what He done thus far, so I knew that we had to be there.

    I had her call the restaurant back and ask again. She didn’t want to do it at first because she felt silly. I told her under no circumstances were we leaving without completing our mission. She called back and looked up from the phone smiling. I asked her what was so funny? She said, "This is amazing, but the woman said that two slots for Saturday night just opened up after I hung up, and wants to know what time we wanted. It was either 6pm or 9pm. I chose 6pm because it represented the number of man, and God said that He wanted me there first before Michael, because the Spirit of the Lord always goes first to set the stage.

    Everything happened according to the plan of God, and after three hours Michael arrived, and I wasted no time in doing the will of God. I went up to him, and asked to speak with him, he agreed. He sat with me and I told him exactly what God wanted him to hear at that time. I couldn’t be concerned whether he thought I was crazy or not, but I did ask him how would I have known that he would be there that night. He told me that there was no way I could know, but I did know, and that God told me. God was establishing something in Michael that would become beneficial in the days to come.

    I spoke the Word and I walked away confident that it was finished in Michael. Even though it still has yet to manifest, I know that the Word of God cannot return unto Him void, and it will accomplish everything that God set it out to do. We come back to perception again when we talk about Michael Jordan. He has become a great icon and image in the earth, but as great as that image appears to be he is much more than meets the eye. It all depends from what vantage point you are looking from can you truly see the real man, the true Michael Jordan. Without the riches, without the fame, and without the negativity that has followed him.
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