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    Breakthrough Despite Jericho
    Isaac Omolayo
    Today, Christians focused their attention to the physical Jericho. They neglect the major walls that hinder life breakthrough. Breakthrough Despite Jericho gave insight into the spiritual Jericho and how they can hold down the Breakthroughs. If these walls are neglected: Prayers, Fasting, Night Vigil, Mountain Prayers, Prophetic Words, Anointing Services has no solution until the spiritual Jericho are broken. Spiritual controls the physical. Every creation both spiritual and physical answers to the WORD. “I would preacher shift focus from physical problem to face spiritual problem. Preachers should realize that spiritual control the physical, therefore emphasis must be laid on spiritual state than the physical…” Here the Holy Spirit present to you the word that gives Breakthrough Despite Jericho.

    Price:  $4.99

    book excerpt

    I would love preachers to shift focus from physical problems and face spiritual problems. Preachers should realize that the spiritual controls the physical therefore; emphasis must be laid on spiritual state than the physical.

    How I wish today’s preachers will have direct and sharp Holy Ghost-filled messages for the rich. The reverse is the case. Preachers are also in this wall. I have never heard of a prisoner setting a fellow prisoner free. We need men today who will have no love for riches but will face the Gospel squarely as did John the Baptist. God did not spare His only begotten Son. Jesus did not spare his life from death. John did not spare his head from the sword of Herod. Paul did not spare his life from the antagonist of his day. Today, no one can bell the cat in the course of the Gospel. The pastor is afraid of loosing rich sponsors. Where are we today? Money has taken over. The Gospel has been monetized by the very custodian.

    As said earlier, the Devil did not close the gate of this present Jericho rather; he opened physical Jericho and shut their spiritual eyes that they may not see the glorious Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. He has thereby put them in spiritual Jericho. Right in the church members are no longer concerned about the Word but rather they display their ill-gotten wealth with which the Devil had blindfolded them. Pastors are no longer concerned about the truth of the Gospel; they are blinded to it and are opened to gifts and prosperity. Jesus had an encounter with man born blind from his mother’s womb. Let us recall David’s comments on Psalm 51:5

    Jesus would not wait; He went straight into the wall to inform them about the need to break through into the kingdom of God. These days, the reverse is the case. The custodian of the Gospel has changed the content altogether. Bishops and pastors no longer preach the need to break through into the Kingdom of God. They now change the topic to the breakthrough in the material world.

    Banners, posters and handbills all proclaim a Bishop or Pastor who specialises in breakthrough, political breakthrough, marriage breakthrough, and so on. These men of God (so they call themselves) have no kingdom vision and cannot give information about the kingdom. Satan has lifted them up to the pinnacle of the temple and shown them the glory and riches of the world, they have worshipped Satan and are in the church today passing information that will enhance hell to the innocent souls

    Average Christians today seek all other things before seeking the kingdom of God. The true word of the kingdom is no longer in place. What Jesus said was: “seek ye first the kingdom of God” that was the information. Thousands, I mean millions of souls today are in the church but have never heard the Gospel of the kingdom. They are in Jericho called church and they are firmly locked by Pastors and Bishops.
    Miracles and all other breakthroughs are secondary but who will dare preach the primary subject (Salvation) and risk the mass exodus from his church. The Gospel of the kingdom must be heard in this Jericho. How can they hear unless it was preached? They need to be informed, and well informed too.
    Today, we have aggressive prayer meetings to break the band of the wicked. Do we have aggressive prayers to open doors for Evangelism? This is a gross misplacement of priority. If Christians today were informed of the kingdom of God, the world would have been a better place
    Christians are few; miracle seekers are on the increase!!!
    The church needs the Gospel today more than the world
    All African Bishops and Pastors focus their attention on America to preach. In Nigeria alone, we have well over ten thousand churches concentrated in the city of Lagos alone
    Why do we choose the gifts and forsake the Gospel? It is possible to have all these gifts and go to hell. The gift of the tongue is more pronounced in the church today while salvation, the free gift of God is missing in the body of Christ. Until we stand up to speak the word of salvation, they would remain in their blind position, hence, there would not be a cry for mercy.

    There are some lives meant to prosper spiritually but are groping in darkness looking for prosperity in the secular world
    Remember, you cannot win Satan in the thought realm; in fact, he is at his best when it comes to battle in the thought realm. Only spoken words can overcome him, hence, the need to cry and not to relent.
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