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    The Nephilim Chronicles: The Rise of the Fallen
    HB Jackson
    Rimi is the most powerful Nephilim in creation and acts as the hand of God. When God needs something done on earth he calls Rimi. He is the head of God’s secret agency. He has one job, and that is to keep the world stable. He does it by any means necessary. 

Thousands of years ago before the great flood and after the war in heaven God assigned a group of angels know as watchers to watch over man kind. These watchers went rouge, fell to earth and began having sex with the women of earth. They created a race of rouge Nephilim who thought they were Gods. Because of this they were imprisoned. 

Fast forward to modern times Rimi discovers a plot by a one of the fallen angels in Hell to free the watchers from their long prison. Their plan is to use human souls to start a demon army so that they can remove Lucifer as the head of the Hell council. Rimi knows that this will start a civil war in Hell. The war would spill over to earth and turn earth onto another Hell. Guided by God and the arch angel Michael, Rimi assembles a team and goes all out to prevent the watchers from carrying out their plan.

    Price:  $2.99

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    book excerpt

    Chapter 7 Hell trip
    I took my concern about Samyaza memorizing the spell to Michael. After a serious conversation he agreed that it was a concern of his. He also warned me that their sentence was up, and to prepare for the worst. The problem was that God only sentenced them to seventy generations, and then they’ll be judged on Judgment Day. That day was nowhere to be found. In the meantime I needed to know if those fools had passed the spell on to the German. The situation was more dangerous than I had thought. The German had been in Hell for over seventy years. It usually takes a few hundred to become demonized, but I’ve seen it happen in seventy years. There was really only one way to find out. I had to go to Hell and see for myself.
      Hell is not what most people think it is. Hell means you’re out of the presence of God. This will drive a human soul insane. They will eventually become demonized. A demon is nothing more than a soul darkened by hell, and looking for life again. Humans lock people away when they’re possessed because they act like they have gone mad. In a way they have. No one can make sense of anything a demon says when they possess someone. That’s because the demon is insane. Imagine being tortured in Hell for hundreds of years. Fallen angels are not demons, so they don’t need to possess humans. They make deals with them, just like I do. Lucifer hates humans, so he would never defile himself by entering their body. Demons need a body to occupy the physical world.
    Hell is the last stop for lost souls. To many people it’s considered a final death for those who had chance after chance to get it right. No matter how bad life gets for humans on earth there is always hope. There is no hope in Hell for the human soul. Hell itself is just another dimension. It is powered by the hopelessness and emptiness of the souls who end up there. Hell is not a punishment by God. It’s more like they’re in quarantine. These dark, empty souls create their own Hell. Any place they end up they will eventually turn it into a Hell because the suffering in Hell is powered by their emptiness and hopelessness. The more hopeless and empty souls that enter the Hell dimension, the more hopeless and empty it becomes. God could never allow these souls into Heaven, because they would eventually turn Heaven into a Hell.
      Most people get the name Lucifer and Satan confused. They think it’s one and the same. When someone says Satan they just assume you mean Lucifer. Satan is not a name it is a title. It means the accuser and adversary. Only the Highest-ranking angels in Hell get to be a Satan. To be clear there are nine Satans, just as there are nine levels of Hell. Every Satan has their own territory, and none of them answer to Lucifer. Lucifer is the head of the Hell council, and he is the head of the first Hell. His right hand is Cherub name Gadreel. Contrary to popular belief, it was Gadreel who led Eve to eat the fruit in the Garden not Lucifer. Lucifer didn’t have the skill to do it. Gadreel is the second highest-ranking angel in Hell, and he is Lucifer’s number one backer. Lucifer is the first Satan, and then there is Gadreel, Yeqon, Aram, Asbeel and Cheldean. The other 3 are Watchers, Samyaza, Azazel and Penemue. Even though they are imprisoned the watchers are still able to run their part of Hell, but they were bound to their territory. They couldn’t leave. This was fine with Lucifer, because he didn’t want to have to deal with Samyaza.
    Lucifer doesn’t rule Hell, he’s just the head of the Hell council. Each one of the nine Satans sits at the council. They all have their crew of fallen angels. Believe it or not, Hell is always on the brink of war. About half of Hell hates Lucifer for getting them into this mess. Some never even fought for him. Michael tossed them out anyway because they didn’t fight for God either. He did have his backers, and Gadreel was the main one. It was Gadreel who felt it was better to rule in Hell than serve in Heaven. Lucifer pretty much turned over day to day operations to him. Gadreel had a better personality. He tried to make Hell as comfortable as possible for many of the fallen members. He didn’t want a war, so he had to keep them appeased.
    Most people think Hell is Lucifer’s punishment, and a punishment for all of the fallen. That’s not exactly true. Hell is more of a surrender agreement. Like I said, God likes to let things play out. He wants Lucifer to change, or there will be a final judgment, but Hell is not it. Toward the end of the war, half of Lucifer’s army was either taken out, surrendered or switched sides. Michael is the real general. Lucifer was more of an honor guard.
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