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    Triumphant: Created For Victory Destined For Glory
    Marnie Baker
    A beautiful and inspirational collection of Love-filled and comforting words - Triumphant: Created For Victory, Destined For Glory encourages, inspires, and uplifts you into a deeply rich, intimate and Loving relationship with God which leaves you rejoicing.

    Price:  $2.99

    book excerpt

    There are times when our trials require us to radically believe that God will do for us what we think is the impossible. It is then that it may look and feel as if we are being asked to climb a spiritual faith mountain; a mountain that has treacherous and uncharted pathways - of which every step is covered in shards of broken glass. I wrote Broken Glass during a time when my spiritual mountain felt this way. God was asking me to believe that He would do, just for me, what I thought was impossible.
    I had a decision to make, and I did. I decided that God was trustworthy. Also, I deliberately chose to believe in Who and What He is. Furthermore, I activated radical faith in my Faithful Father; the One Who Loves me the most. After that decision was made I was ‘all in’ with God, come what may. Therefore, after walking a painful and treacherous faith journey, I reached the top of my mountain Triumphantly with Him.
    It was then that I was able to look back and see that I needed my mountain to be exactly as it was; with all of its tears and laughter, and yes, shards of broken glass. For who I had become was a better, stronger, and more powerful me in God than who I was when I first began my faith climb.


    A pathway covered in broken glass
    is the mountain I’m asked to climb.
    My trust unclear, so deep my fears,
    my faith MUST act.
    It’s time.

    When asked to believe, to hope, to dream
    what’s required of me is deep.
    It takes much more than what I have,
    so drained, so tired…I weep.

    To believe that God will move for me
    while I walk on broken glass;
    to trust Him no matter what I see,
    so steep that mountain pass.

    To believe that my life God will heal,
    to see past pain and fear.
    Rely on His report, and His alone
    seems so far; not quite so near.

    Bring peace to my mind, my life, He will
    of this I must believe.
    Despair and torment I do forsake,
    His Hope I shall receive.

    To believe the impossible - I must hold true
    for the sea indeed to part.
    This is to walk on broken glass
    says my fears, and not my heart.

    My heart needs what is found in God,
    it demands of Him and cleaves.
    My faith and trust must be so strong;
    No doubts.
    I must believe!

    He grieves to see me hurt so deep,
    tears pouring from my eyes.
    My doubts - He wants to set me free
    of this I can’t deny.

    He feels my pain and knows my fears,
    my worries, my lack, my doubts.
    Yet, by my side, and through it all
    He remains throughout the drought.

    In this season, within each step,
    I learn of Him for sure.
    No matter how bad it truly is
    with God I am secure.

    Without Him I could not survive
    the tests, the trials, the hurt.
    For He is my Rock, my Sword, and Shield
    and remains always alert.

    Alert to my thoughts, my wants, and needs,
    my desires, my hopes, and dreams.
    For God is the Rock of my Salvation;
    the One who Reigns Supreme.

    I choose Him and leave the doubts behind,
    for no hope is found in pain.
    With God all things are possible,
    this Truth I shall proclaim.

    Life, Peace, Hope, and Victory in Him
    they are forever found.
    I shall rest underneath His Sovereign Wings,
    and there I’m no longer bound.

    It’s hard at times to remain at peace
    when life can bring you down.
    But God, and truly God alone,
    can see me towards my crown.

    For He is not a far off God;
    He is close to me and knows
    that darkness seeks to overwhelm,
    to bring me down so low.

    To destroy my life, my hope, my joy;
    to forever keep me bound.
    Yet, God is LIGHT, and LOVE, and STRENGTH
    Ever-present, and all around.

    Hope to my trial sweet King do breathe,
    peace to my heart please bring.
    Your Glorious Presence around me,
    Your Hand I shall always cling.

    The path does look like broken glass,
    it feels like hell on earth.
    Yet, God is God - with none beside
    bringing each a brand new birth.

    Rest in Him, and trust in Him,
    and never let Him go.
    For Jesus is King; is Lord and Life-
    in Heaven, and on earth below.


    How wonderful it is to have a Living, Loving God who profoundly cares for you, and for me. Therefore, because He Is LOVE, and because He Is Care, there is a Hope that is Real, True, and Able which is there for us. With God, we can walk through any situation with a hope that is everlasting because He is alive, well, and sitting Forevermore upon His Mighty Throne.

    BUT GOD...

    Despair like vulture wings continuously
    beat at my heart.

    How do I keep the walls
    from crumbling down all around me?

    Do you see me my Lord; My God, My King?
    I stand here struggling trying my best to hold up
    four crumbling walls with only two small hands.

    I’m hopeless. I’m helpless.
    I’m desolate. I’m pained.
    I’m alone.

    But God…
    Means that Hope Lives.

    But God…
    Means that Help arrives.

    But God…
    Means that Love, on Comforting Wings,
    comes for me - comes to see me through.

    But God…
    Means that an intentional Love surrounds me,
    is here for me.

    With Jesus by my side, how magnificent, beautiful,
    and sustaining is the phrase But God…

    And for that reason My Help is the Word;
    The Word which is God.

    God is my Hope. God is my Light.
    God is my Strength. God is my Shelter.
    God is my Love, and He is always at my side.

    I will rest in Him because He is my Strong Tower...
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