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    Selah's Sweet Dream
    Susan Count
    Selah's Sweet Dream is a heart-warming, adventure story of a girl who aspires to be an equestrian super star and a horse with an attitude.
    GOLD Award from Feathered Quill, well reviewed on Kirkus, 5 starred on Reader's Favorites

    Price:  $2.99

    book excerpt

    Grandpa motioned for Selah to step back from the edge of the woods with him. “Skunk brought me baby rabbits this morning. She could only carry one at a time, so she ended up dribbling a trail of bunnies down the hill. She must have thought they were puppies, and she should mother them. I followed her and her bunny trail all the way up the hill. She was happy to show me right where it was, so I returned them to the nest.”
    “What about their mother?” Selah tugged on his shirt.
    “The doe will move them to a new nest when she finds they smell a little funny.”
    “How many are there?”
    “I found four. Let’s watch for more as we go back to the house.” Grandpa put his arm across her shoulder and walked her away from the nesting area.
    Skunk trotted before them weaving back and forth across the trail, down the hill. She stopped in midstride, picked up another baby bunny, and marched home with it.
    “Skunk,” Grandpa scolded.
    With her head lowered, she marched on with a purpose. “Skunk!” He slapped his camo cap on his knee. “Skunk is as
    determined to have her own way as you are, Selah.”
    Skunk paused and turned to look at him. He knelt down.
    Her dark eyes watched him for a moment before she moved sluggishly to him.
    Cupping his hands underneath her mouth, he told her to “give”. In slow motion, Skunk released the bunny into his waiting hands.
    “I understand, Skunk. Us girls need to stick together.” Selah rubbed the dog’s head. “Ahh... may I hold the baby, Grandpa?”
    “Sure.” He slipped it into her hands. “Got it?”
    “Oooow, its eyes aren’t even open yet.” She stroked its fur with one finger. “Soft as silk. Everything about the bunny is adorable. Look at its teeny, tiny nose. I thought its tail would be fluffy, but it’s bald.” Selah tilted her head to the side and flashed Grandpa her most irresistible smile. “May I keep it?” She cuddled the bunny near her cheek.
    “That wouldn’t be the best thing for the baby, now would it?”
    “No, I guess not, but I love bunnies.” The smile faded from her face. “Its mother can take better care of it than I could.”
    “Good thinkin’.”
    “But I would take such good care of a horse,” Selah blurted. He rotated to look at her as his face scrunched up. “Not again,
    Selah. Don’t push me on that.”
    “Grandpa! You’ve seen the walls in my room at home. Every
    inch is covered in horse. Why can’t we just talk about getting a horse?”
    “Because I said so.”
    “The farm’s too quiet, Grandpa. A horse farm should be alive with horses.”
    “I’m done with horses, Selah.”
    “I need a horse of my own! You know Grandma would’ve wanted me to have a horse.”
    His eyes darkened. He wagged a finger at her, and then shoved his hands in his pockets as he turned back toward the nest. “Selah, that’s enough. Bring the bunny and come on. Your summer vacation should not be torture for me. Do you want me to call your parents and have them come get you already?”
    “No, sir. But, it’s your fault! You gave me Grandma’s horse library. Do I read anything except horse books?”
    “She would have wanted you to have them.”
    “And a horse!” Selah bit the inside of her lip. “When I was really little and your paint horse put his muzzle right in my face, and breathed his scent on me... it’s like he cast a spell over me that changed me forever.”
    “I’m sorry, Selah. It’s not gonna happen. I let you get a cat, remember? And I ended up taking care of it. I don’t even like cats.”
    “You love Pearl.” She eased the last baby in with its litter as she glared at Grandpa.
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