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    Healing Words or the Soul
    chuma obum
    Built upon the veracity of godly wisdom and based on various real life experiences, Healing Words for the Soul is a quick-read resource of motivational information and support which provides faith based strategies that you can use to pick yourself up and achieve a lifetime of success.

    Price:  $2.99

    book excerpt


    Wow! Very profound work indeed...anyone reading and digesting this will recognize the work put into it and the talent it showcases. I have always been a great fan of words and I’m very envious of your gift of using them so beautifully. Interestingly, I read it several times and got something different each time, so I know it's a piece of work one will treasure for a long time. Well Done!

    - Mary T. Umolu, Founder & Creative Director of, and IT Consultant at the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

    Chuma Obum's Healing Words for the Soul is a spark of insightful light in an otherwise heavily repetitive field of books. Each chapter houses a touching lyrical poem followed by a quote, Bible verse, and splendid sentences of uplifting wisdom. What spoke to me about this faith focused motivational book where the practical and common sense views of living a successful life in the glory of God through hard work, humility, and harnessing life experiences for the better. It provides not only a jolt of practical inspiration, but also a gust of spiritual enthusiasm that lightens the soul. If you want to live a more productive Christian life, then this book is a must-read.
    - Jazmine Sheela, Communication Specialist and Journalist

    This book is a beautiful gift of encouragement and a strong voice for love, peace, goodness, self-belief and faith in God. It is an advocate for everything that is good and godly. The words contained in this book have a way of bypassing the head and going straight to the heart. They lend wings to spirit; in fact it can be said to be a ‘Pick Me Up’ for every time you need a lift.

    - Maryann Idokogi, Airport Admin/Logistics Officer at KLM Airlines

    Words are powerful and play a paramount role in framing our lives. Healing words for the soul is a very unique book. It is a combination of poetry, Scriptures and healing words that present self-help strategies to successful achievements on all sides. I am fascinated by the writer’s creativity and depth in putting together such a masterpiece. My main attraction to this book is its foundation based on Scriptures. No matter where you are in life, there is a healing word for you in this book. This is not the kind you read once and drop off. This book is a journey! I choose to call it life’s handbook.
    - Kelechi Anyalechi, Certified Life & Peak Performance Coach and Best-Selling Author of Five Books.

    Based on a lifetime of various experiences derived from the reality of day-to-day living, I have come to understand that the reason why words are an absolutely critical component of our everyday life lies in our ability to utilize them as powerful tools for both communication and creation. Without a doubt, words are deeply connected to the inner workings of our hearts, and as a result of this, each of us are responsible for our own self-definitions, simply because what we say greatly affects what we eventually become. So, if you are to unleash from within the greatness and glory that God has destined for you before the foundation of the world, then you must make a conscious and continuous effort towards assuring that your communications reflect the truth as accurately as humanly possible, at all times - knowing that the words you habitually use or apply ultimately creates the reality of your personality. To put it in simpler terms: words have power, and that power can lift, heal or transform you for the good of yourself and the world at large.

    Therefore, in “Healing Words for the Soul”, I have compiled an original collection of inspirational poems filled with contemplative words of true wisdom and motivational quotes which are so insightful and thought-provoking that they cause positive changes or actions to occur, by giving you clear and absolute reasons to continue on life’s journey with faith, hope, and love.
    Indeed, we all need well-chosen words that will help encourage, urge, challenge or propel us to continue on the right path in life. This book holds within it a wealth of Inspirational Messages, lyrical expressions, significant Life Lessons, Simple Truths, Wise Words and Positive Confessions which reinforce faith in a loving God, courage in the face of adversity, hope in moments of despair, character building, living meaningfully, achieving success, love, patience, perseverance, and much more.

    Compiled with powerful points to ponder and Biblical passages to consider, Healing Words for the Soul delivers inspiration and wisdom in a very simple but significant way. Whether you are a passionate reader who enjoys great writings, or a person who hardly indulges in reading because you believe it is a time-consuming hobby, this book has been concisely and carefully arranged to serve as a quick source of motivational information that should be kept within reach for those moments when you need extra encouragement or an instant lift.

    Moreover, it offers practical insights that are compelling enough to enlighten the young and old alike.
    So as you turn to each page, open your heart and read it thoughtfully. And then read it again and again, because the entire book is built upon the veracity of godly wisdom which does not only inspire you on a deeper level, but also renews your passion to live life with purpose and compassion. In fact, this book is a product of the love and respect I feel for my fellow human beings, and I am certain that if you read it with an open mind from time to time, its messages will fuel your need for a better life.

    Furthermore, by reading and sharing the messages of this book with friends, families, co-workers, neighbors and loved ones, you will ultimately be helping to make the world a better place.
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