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    The Acts of Grace
    Kathy Bruins
    A powerful tool for any drama ministry that desires growth spiritually, artistically, and relationally. A dozen thought provoking dramas, inspired by the Word of God, to communicate God's message in a manner that is identifiable to people's lives.

    Price:  $2.99

    book excerpt


    Courage by Faith Lead In

    Scripture: Acts 4:5-13

    I often wonder to what lengths I would personally take to spread the gospel. In developing this drama, I developed characters that were pushed beyond the normal everyday tasks, and being led by the Spirit of God, to travel to an unstable foreign country to share the gospel. I believe this drama demonstrates the fear that we experience as humans in doing such, but also communicates the courage that God gives to us in completing a task of this measure. The courage of faith God gives overrides the fear we have as humans.

    You may think like I did, but what if we die? That poses a question to each person of what is better, to live in obedience to God, and possibly dying in obedience being raised again in the presence of Jesus, or to disobey and live in our own strength putting our perceived safetyĚ first. That is a tough question that each Christian deals with at some level. It may not be risking life and limb for the kingdom, but it may be risking relationships and image. What would people think?

    I invite you to consider where you fit in God's plan for sharing the gospel. God is faithful. You are in God's hands. Let Him give you His best. (Jeremiah 29:11)

    Courage by Faith

    THEMES: Mission Work, Obedience, Fear, Trust

    PROPS: 2 good-sized suitcases with wheels, Bibles to fill suitcases,

    AIRPORT SCENE: There are actually two airport scenes. One is in the U.S. and the other is in a foreign country. You could simply make signs with U.S. directions such as ‚ÄúTicket Desk‚ÄĚ, ‚ÄúCustoms‚ÄĚ, etc. On the reverse side of the signs, write the same thing, only in a foreign language. When the scene shifts from one airport to another, just flip the signs over.

    CHURCH HOUSE SCENE: Simple pillows or furniture such as a chair or two.

    Bob: A man who is risking everything for the gospel message. Dress: Lightweight shirt and pants.
    Anne: Bob's wife, who is also joining her husband in this work. Dress: Lightweight dress or pants and top.
    Steve: Friend who took them to the airport. Dress: Casual
    Judy: Wife of friend who took them to the airport. Dress: Casual
    Teen: A boy or girl who lives in the mission field Bob and Anne are going to excited about the spreading of the gospel. Dress: Third world country clothing, such as lightweight shirt and shorts or pants, barefoot
    Officer: A tough, no-nonsense type of guard. Dress: Official uniform.
    Friend 1: A woman who meets with teen to receive news of gospel. Third World country wear
    Friend 2: A man who meets with teen to receive news of gospel. Dress: Third World country wear.
    Terrorists: Unknown men in black who kill Bob and Anne. Dress: Dark clothing, faces covered, carrying rifles

    SCENE 1

    (Scene begins) Lights come up at an airport in US. Friends are dropping off missionaries bringing Bibles into a foreign country. They are praying together in a circle holding hands.)

    Steve Lord, please be with Bob and Anne as they bring Your Word into a country that oppresses its people. We ask for Your angels to surround Bob and Anne, protect them, anoint them, and bring them back to us safely. But mostly Lord, we pray that Your Word be spread throughout that country. We know there are no powers in this world that can stop it. You have prepared the way; You have risen above oppression. Because of Calvary, You made all of this possible. In Your precious Name we pray. Amen.

    Bob Thank you, Steve, for that prayer. (patting friend on back). I feel very encouraged by it. (Salesman-like talk) What we have here (referring to suitcases) are 150 lbs each of God's light. Thank you, God, for wheels on suitcases. (all laugh slightly nervous type)

    Anne Steve and Judy, we'll miss you both very much. We'll keep you in our prayers, too. (reaches over to hug Judy)

    Judy (Judy hugs Anne; Bob and Steve hug) God's blessing on you Bob and Anne. (refers to suitcases) Thank you for bringing God's Word to the many who are oppressed.

    (Bob and Anne pull big suitcases acting as if they are heavy)

    All 4 (wave and say) Good-bye take care! (fade on sentiments), . (Bob and Anne exit off the area marked to enter plane. Steve and Judy walk out other side to leave airport) (Lights go down; change US airport scene to foreign airport scene)
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