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    Secret of Secrets of The Lord
    Itunu Adekayero
    Know more about the secrets of God for His people from this Christian book of teaching, which will enlighten you on the wisdom of God. Boost your spiritual Knowledge; and always remember that, THROUGH KNOWLEDGE, THE RIGHTEOUS WILL BE DELIVERED (Proverbs 11:9, NKJV).

    Price:  $4.99

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    book excerpt

    In the world of men, it is not a hearsay that men dread spirit beings even to the point of worshipping them. And of course, the sight of anything strange can be easily identified, and surely, strange things can bring unpleasant emotions like fear into the heart of any man; it doesn’t matter the amount of muscles that a man has on his arms, neither can the status or the skill of a man remove the image of a strange event from a man’s mind if indeed he has seen one. Many of the real strange things that have come across the paths of men are mostly what men will term as ‘‘something beyond the ordinary.’’ Most various worships of any deity from ancient times till today have their inception from the encounters that the founding fathers of these religions had with what they consider strange; since strange in this context points to something beyond the ordinary, it is understood as something that is spiritual, which man understands without dispute that the wielding of power from this realm is superior. For example, if someone hears words in his ears without seeing the person speaking to him, such is a strange event, and the hearts of many will instantly be crippled with fear; of course, it is not impossible for us in the contemporary world that it may be a sign of psychosis or schizophrenia, but the fact still remains that, it is a strange event and the thoughts of madness can be ruled out later, as long as such a person does things rightly without complaint from others, and he is as well conscious of what he does. Another in the likeness of the last example is to see things that are out of the ordinary; the form of anything unearthly can easily be recognized by men, in which some of these sights can be termed as spiritual vision; and again, it is not impossible in our contemporary world for those who do not believe in the spiritual to term such sights as a mere hallucination; but truly, anyone that sees something out of the ordinary, especially in the day time, can boldly speak of what he has seen, as long as he is healthy, and not drunk with wine or intoxicated with any other similar drink.
    Now, whether some agree with spiritual encounters or not, it doesn’t rule out the fact that the spiritual realm is real. Identifying strange encounters are not limited to hearing voices out of the oblivion, or seeing things that appear and disappear with weird forms alone, but for those with understanding, strange encounters may even be with normal looking people in the natural, but there will always be something that makes these normal people to be distinct from the rest of the crowd; it may be in the way they speak, or their exceptional intelligence, or their strength, or their aura and any other superhuman abilities that they possess, which is capable of making their fellow humans to have respect for them or be afraid of them. In Christianity, there have been many testimonies of people claiming that they have seen angels at different scenarios; some claimed they have seen angels while praying; some claimed to have seen them at church meetings, while some say that they saw angels in their dreams. Whichever way, it is clear from the scriptures that angels are messengers of God, and they are real, also they have been seen by men on different occasions.
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