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    Light In Our Darkness: Essentials of Spiritual Deliverance
    bruno sebrechts
    This highly endorsed book, written by a seasoned minister and published author, offers an in-depth biblical exploration of the subject of spiritual deliverance. It opens the readers' eyes and hearts to the greatness, love and power of God, as revealed in Scripture and illustrated by testimonies.

    Price:  $9.75

    book excerpt

    The reader is taken through the Scriptures, from fall to re-creation, in order to understand spiritual captivity and the deliverance provided by Christ.
    Chapter one presents a present-day thrilling story of a woman who was severely traumatized and demonized, and found deliverance through Christ. Her testimony helps to shed light on definitions that follow. Throughout the book, testimonies are used as illustrations of the biblical principles.
    In chapter two, the absolute importance of God’s word and his Spirit are explained and emphasized.
    Chapter three expands upon the central theme of the Bible—humanity’s fall into sin and God’s loving response. Central to victory over the powers of darkness are the revelation, crucifixion and the resurrection of Christ.
    Throughout his earthly ministry, Jesus announced the arrival of God’s kingdom, with deliverance from evil powers. The salvation He offers allows the believer to enter into this new kingdom by faith.
    Chapter four considers the scope and influence of the kingdom of darkness, but it begins with an exploration of the greatness of God and his promise that evil will face ultimate defeat.
    Jesus’ interactions with the demon-possessed are explored in chapter five, raising the questions: What principles did Jesus follow? How about their specific context?
    Moving chronologically, the sixth chapter covers the church age, wondering what we should conclude from the relative silence regarding demonic infestation and deliverance in the Epistles. In the theology of Paul, the “old man,” characterized by a dwelling within a fallen environment, must make room for the “new man,” who can experience a new spiritual reality. The redemption and deliverance in Christ are in some sense progressive, which means that people who are affected by a demonic infestation are not always immediately free from their past. The progress to leave an old environment ("old man") constitutes an important factor in the development of deliverance.
    After biblical foundations have been established in the first six chapters, chapter seven proposes a phased plan for facilitating the release of believers suffering from demonic infestation. The author does not advocate any single approach, but rather offers a method for finding the right approach given the particular circumstances of each case.
    Finally, various forms of deception that can arise in the ministry of deliverance are discussed, including demonic mystification with fake deliverances, demonic manipulation and euphoria, in which believers can be caught up through deceptive sensations.
    As the book progresses, seven principles, intending to structure an effective deliverance practice, will emerge: Trust God and his word; the power of the cross is the center of spiritual deliverance; cling to God’s love; put salvation and spiritual growth at the center; clean up remnants of the past; rely on the leading of the Holy Spirit; and finally, rest in the grace of God.

    From the foreword:

    "Few sources can compare to Sebrechts’ biblical probing of the subject with such a competence. For a biblical basis for this kind of ministry, there would be few, if any, that can compare."
    Dr Timothy Warner, Author of 'The Essential Guide to Spiritual Warfare' (T. Warner & Neil Anderson).


    “A ‘must have’ book for all in ministry. It is filled with vital biblical truths. It will encourage you to be biblically balanced, avoiding the pitfalls, so your ministry will truly glorify God.” Dr. Jim Logan, Author of "Reclaiming Surrendered Ground", Moody Publishers, Chicago.

    “Light in Our Darkness is a book that has been sorely needed by those seeking to help anyone in need of spiritual deliverance. As I was growing up in the U.S.A., I saw many church leaders shy away from acknowledging any demonic activity in believers, while the years I spent as a missionary in Central Africa often showed me more of the opposite end of the spectrum: ritualistic casting out of demons with much fanfare and shouting. This book anchors itself on a balanced, thoroughly biblical approach. Great content to apply when confronted with individuals needing spiritual deliverance.”
    P. Wilkendorf, Board Member of 'Disciple All Nations'.
    Former Translation Consultant, Wycliffe Bible Translators.

    “I endorse this book because
    • the extensive study speaks for itself;
    • it shows a deep commitment to Biblical basis;
    • it is balanced. No emotional drama;
    • there is warning against exaggerations in ‘spiritual warfare’;
    • it is relevant;
    • it involves the congregation in the ministry;
    • it advocates a personal walk with God;
    Sebrechts and his team have experientially gained awareness of God’s unique knowledge of each person’s needs and how he meets them in his creative ways.”
    N. A. McElhanon, LCSW-S Emeritus
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