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    Judy Sims
    "Winnie" A wonderful naustalgic true story. It's set in the late 50's and revolves around a year in the lives of two teen-aged girls and a magnificent horse.

    The horse, known only to them as Winnie, was the grand-daughter of Man O'War. Man O'War just happened to be the greatest race horse in U.S.

    Price:  $7.95

    book excerpt

    Thirteen years old and ripped up from a known world, and
    then brought into an unknown world called ‘country’. An
    undiscovered world lay before me. My life was about to
    change forever.
    I stood on the front lawn, near the road, watching my father
    and a friend, lift the couch into our new home. I wasn’t
    quite sure why we had moved to the valley, but then my
    parents were always moving. ‘The Valley’, that’s all people
    called it...........................
    One of the girls, at our school, had a Shetland pony that
    she insisted no one could ride. We got into an argument one
    day, about the possibility of a Shetland pony being such a
    twit. I said, “Are you kidding me? I mean, you’re feet are
    still on the ground! What’s so impossible about that?”
    Everybody was laughing and so you know, I had to take my
    turn at it.
    The next day, after school, the bet was on. I only had $2
    but I put it up for grabs, if I couldn’t ride that tiny
    little pony. About five of us girls, all went straight to
    Shelly’s back yard, where she kept this little pony. He sure
    looked docile enough.
    With nothing more than a bridle, I straddled that pony.
    Both my feet were on the ground, I still had clearance
    between his back and me. I just stood there a second and
    then turned to say something to the girls, when all of a
    sudden I was face down on the ground, 3 feet in front of
    this little pony. “How did that happen?”
    I got up, dusted myself off and turned around to stare at
    that ‘short piece of nothing’, grazing off a patch of grass.
    “What the….” Naturally, you know how it goes; I had to run
    that one through again, if for no other reason than to find
    out what had happened the first time.
    I straddled that little stinker again. Both feet were still
    firmly on the ground. I slowly lowered my weight onto this
    pony’s back. Just as I was seated, that little power-packed
    dynamo, raised up his rear so hard, it jet propelled me out
    and over his head again. A third try and I gave up the $2
    and walked away, scratching my head..................
    A sudden, sideways jolt and Winnie was plunging into the
    sunflowers and ran the full length of the field, coming out
    on the other side. I happened to be wearing shorts and a
    sleeveless blouse. The plants stood as tall as my shoulders
    and prickly little spurs on the stems, clawed my skin nearly
    off. My skin was red and burning like fire.
    You probably already know that as we disappeared into the
    sunflowers, my screams and curses could be heard a block
    away. I still don’t know why she did that. It must have been
    something I did. She was always giving me ‘what for’.........
    I rode down the street to the highway, crossed over the
    pavement, headed for that wide dirt shoulder. Just as we
    stepped off the pavement, Winnie jolted into a dead run, ran
    straight toward the clear ditch. Just at the edge of the
    ditch, she stopped short, ducked her head down and pitched
    me straight off her back, landing me dead center of the
    At this time of the year, tumbleweeds filled the ditch,
    clear to the top. At the bottom, was muddy ice. I plunged
    down the center, all the way down through those tumble
    weeds, landing with my bottom in nasty, black sludgy ice. I
    looked up through the hole in the weeds that I had just
    created, dreading the trip up the side of the ditch.
    Not knowing what Winnie was up to, and the knowledge that we
    were right next to a busy highway, drove me to climb out, as
    fast as I could get it done. I put my head down to protect
    my face, against those prickly tumbleweeds, and started
    climbing. As I reached the top, pushing tumbleweeds up at
    the surface, I raised my face to view Winnie’s nose. She
    stood there waiting and watching.
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