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    7 Steps To Success - How To Set And Achieve Your Goals
    Nancy Gathecha
    Imagine Living Your Dreams and making a difference in the world!

    Do you have a dream or a big Vision?
    Would you like to achieve financial Freedom, have fulfilling relationships and success in every area of your life?
    Then 7 Steps to Success is the practical step-by-step guide for you!

    Price:  $9.75

    book excerpt

    Do you have a great dream or a God-given goal and you don’t really know how to accomplish it? Good. Because what you have in your hand is a roadmap that will guide you, step by step, from where you are to where you want to go. You can chart your course, design your destiny and fulfill your dreams using the seven easy, but often overlooked, steps that can enhance your success. These comprise of seven important steps: the first is A Success Mindset; the second to fifth steps use the five letters in the acrostic ‘GOALS;’ and the seventh very significant step is Celebrate Success.

    In these seven steps you will discover how to:

     Develop a success mindset;

     Get a vision for your life and set worthwhile goals;

     Organize and plan effectively for your success;

     Act—take action and overcome procrastination;

     Learn—acquire and implement knowledge and skills;

     Stick to your goals, despite hindrances and obstacles; and
     Celebrate and enjoy your success.
    Are these the only steps to success? No. Can setting goals help you fulfil your dreams? Yes. Should you strive to be all you can be, with every means available, and fulfil your purpose and destiny? Yes. Can clearly written goals propel you towards success? Absolutely! Do we have some facts and figures that can support this? Definitely!
    In Mark McCormack’s book What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School, he wrote about a very revealing study undertaken at Harvard in 1979. Read on...

    Why Set Goals?
    Harvard Business School researchers conducted a survey of MBA graduate students—a group of people of similar background and similar standards. When these graduate students were asked: “Have you set clear written goals for your future and made plans to accomplish them?” researches were startled by the response:

    • Only 3% had written down specific goals and plans.
    • 13% had goals (but not written).
    • A shocking 84% had nothing—no goals for the future.

    In 1989, ten years later after graduation, the same students were interviewed again. The astonishing study made an amazing discovery. The researchers found that although the 13% with unwritten goals were earning twice as much as the 84% who had no goals at all, the 3% with clear written goals were earning, on average, TEN TIMES more than the 97% combined! The only difference: clearly-defined, written goals!
    So would you say goals are important? I rest my case.
    Now let me ask you, looking at your bank account, where are you in the study? Where would you like to be ten years from now? In the 3%, 13% or 84%? Of course, the correct answer would be the 3%.
    You can look at success as a journey. If you don’t plan and set your destination you will get nowhere. Look at it this way, how often do you jump into your car with no intended destination? Sadly, most people plan their holidays better than they plan their lives. Yet, life is the most important journey we will ever take.
    So you can look at goals like a roadmap, giving you focus and keeping you on track so you won’t drive around in circles or board the wrong flight to Siberia when your destination was Hawaii!
    This book is a hands-on, how-to guide with easy steps to assist you set and achieve your goals. It will also help you answer some important questions along your own journey of life, such as:

    • Where you are going?
    • Why are you going there?
    • How you will get there?
    • When will you get there?
    • With whom will you travel?
    • What will you take or need to get there?

    The principles in this book have been implemented by many successful people. I have also used the exact steps and seen amazing results and progress in my life, including writing and publishing two books in six months. You too can begin to see tremendous progress and success if you apply these principles and steps. You may already know them, but it’s not only knowing that will bring results—it’s doing them as well. I call it the (IAT) principle; Information + Application = Transformation.

    “The biggest gap in life is the one between knowing and doing.”- Dick Biggs

    At the end of every step, ask yourself: “What is the one thing I can do today to bring me closer to my goal?”. Consider me as the voice in your GPS Navigation system making suggestions and encouraging you along the journey. To assist you further I have included practical IAT Success Steps to Take and Food for Thought, but you still have to do the driving and implement the steps in the best way that works for you. The recommended Goals for Success Workbook with detailed worksheets to assist you put what you learn into practice is available as an e-Book to download from
    May I urge you, don’t just read passively. If you truly want to succeed, be a doer of the word. If you follow the steps and daily take some action, then you too, like the Harvard 3%, can be blessed and have success in every area of your life.
    One more thing, let me know about your successes, big or small, so I can celebrate with you. Or if you hit a serious bump, have one or four flat tires and are all alone in the middle of nowhere, you may contact me. If I can offer further resources to help you, I will. My contact details are at the end of this book.
    Now fasten your seatbelt and let’s get going! Your journey has begun. Enjoy the ride and the reading.
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