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    Beyond the Imagination
    Jesus Puppy
    Mainly a collection of short stories, from End time missionaries, to an Android that helps recreate the universe. Humor to Sci-fi, True life and Godly visions. The exerpt to follow is a comical snippit from the story, D14.

    Price:  $3.00

    book excerpt

    The Man held a length of wood in his hands, with twine attached to it. The twine was tossed out into the water, and the man would wait for sometime, bring it back out, place small bits of material on the end, and throw it back into the water. D14 reasoned that he must be feeding the fish within the stream.

    Remembering the reaction that Caan had when first seeing him, the android thought to call out before the man saw him, announcing his presence before it might frighten the man sitting beside the water.

    "Greetings," D14 called out, "Might I have a word with you?"

    "Sh shh," the man hissed back, "You might scare away the fish."

    "I am sorry, I wish not to interrupt you while feeding them, I will gladly wait."

    "Feeding them?" The man turned to look up at him, and even having made the announcement of his arrival, he still seemed taken by surprise at seeing D14-- nearly sliding into the water from where he sat.

    "I am sorry for disturbing you. I am D14."

    "Ah yes. So you are." The man looked at him for a moment, then slowly moved back to his sitting place. "My great, great, great, great, great grand father spoke of you. No, one more great. His name’s Adam."

    "He is still alive?" D14 asked, listing the information in his files for later. Amazed by the strength of the Power God had placed within him at his forming, that he would live so long.

    "Well yes," the man said, "old as.. well, as old as old can get I guess, but still alive. Eve passed away some time ago, that brought him low for a while. We still talk now and then." The man looked at the wooden pole in his hands, then shook his head. "Well, actually I talk, and he just nods now and then to agree or disagree."

    D14 listened as the man spoke, trying to reason out why Adam did not show as strongly on the sensor scan as the other had. Had his own form changed to a point that it had not registered, or had his anger grown to such a point. The age of the body alone could account for part of it, he reasoned, as he had been away for nearly six hundred years.

    "Do you have young yourself?" the android ask.

    "Yes, I do," the man replied, "several fine boys, Meth is the oldest. A fine man, bit rambunctious at times, but a fine man. Oh the name is Enoch by the way." The man added, extending his hand in greeting. D14 looked at the man’s hand, taking it in his and turning it over as though looking for what might be in it.

    "There is nothing there," Enoch stated, seeing the questioning look from D14 he continued. "It's a hand shake, a greeting as it were. You take it in your hand, like so, and shake."

    Taking hold of D14's hand, he rose it slightly a few times in an easy movement, then shook his head and returned to placing material in the end of the twine.

    "Not much inner-action with people, I take it?" Enoch said quietly as though to himself, then looking up once more, he showed his fishing pole to the android and said, "I take it you don't know much about fishing either?"

    "Fishing?" D14 commented, viewing the wooden pole, "Is that what the action is? Catching fish?"

    "Well, yes," Enoch sat back, looked him straight on and smiled. "In my case, it is more like feeding the fish. The idea is to bait the fish to take hold of the hook on the end of the line."

    Here he raised up the pole showing a small hook attached to the end of the twine, on the hook was the remains of a small grub-worm. The hook itself, formed of a rather bulky metal, was bent in a way as to catch inside of the fish once it was swallowed.

    "Father's work," Enoch pointed out the hook, "He works some with certain rocks. Metal he calls it, it makes for good fasteners, pins and such."

    Once more he baited the hook and tossed the twine back into the water. There he sat for sometime watching the end of his line until there was a slight movement, then he pulled it out quickly, only to discover the bait missing once more from the hook.

    "Perhaps if the worm could not come off so easily?" D14 suggested.

    "Humm, yes. I will have to tell father about that." Enoch looked at the android for a moment, then shook his head once more, and returned to baiting his hook. "So, what brings the Maker to me, surely not a fascination about fishing?"

    "I am not the Maker, only a re-maker one might say," D14 stated calmly as the man lower his line back in the water. "And no, I am still seeking answers to questions about man's make up." After a short glance at the puzzled look on the man's face, he asked, "How much has Adam spoken of?"

    "Odd you should ask," Enoch smile, "as I said, he never speaks much, but when he does it is about God and the Power of Life in all things. He spoke of the time he and Eve were formed, speaking mostly about a beautiful garden, and how they were sent away for not obeying."

    “Yes," D14 said, “It was so. I had ordered them away after they were wrongly given knowledge from equipment they should never have touched. It is a rather long report."

    “Report?" Enoch said with another puzzled look, “Well, yes, but that’s the good thing about fishing, plenty of time for talking."

    “Very well," D14 stated as he sat down upon a rock by the water's edge. "I should start at the beginning as I know it. It started with the discovery of the Man machine Voyager.."
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