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    A Message of God
    Jesus Puppy
    A collection of poetry songs and short stories based on scripture. Set in order from Genesis, to the Revelation, and beyond.

    Price:  $3.00

    book excerpt

    The Beginning

    In the depths of time and space, He sat alone.
    And in His solitude, He pondered existence.
    And in His pondering thought grew a vision,
    From an ember to a roaring flame.
    His thought grew to encompass His very being,
    Shining forth in the very depths of space.

    Reaching deep within He took hold of the vision,
    And brought it forth, viewing the thought,
    Marveling in the work that could yet be made.
    Holding it aloft, He named it, and made it His.
    In His thought, it grew, and He set it adrift.
    In a voice like music across time and space,
    Proclaiming in a roar that woke the universe,
    He spoke, “This is only the beginning.”
    And it was so. . . and He saw that it was good.

    His thoughts passed over the vision of His making,
    And beheld a shadow in the depths.
    Again He called out in a melody like thunder,
    Calling forth the light to be formed and set.
    Clouds, as dust from the mighty hands of the Creator,
    Flaming across the vast backdrop of space.
    He named the light as He spoke it into existence,
    And it was so. . . and He saw that it was good.

    Stretching a hand to the lightened form about Him,
    Calling forth levels in the void of space beneath.
    With the sound of His voice speaking a word,
    Raising the pureness of His thought to surround Him,
    The void took form and was made whole.

    Again His word came and the form divided,
    Waters were moved, foundations were placed,
    And the form took on shape in its divisions.
    Lands and oceans were laid in their place,
    Then sealed against time by His thought.
    Again He called out a mighty command,
    The land grew in fullness bringing forth new life,
    Of grain and herb and the fruit baring tree.
    And it was so. . . and He saw that it was good.

    Words spoken and the light was gathered in point,
    Stars in great number were set into the heavens,
    Placing constellations in the depth of space,
    Writing out tales to be told in a yet far off day.
    He gathered the light before Him, as two bodies,
    Sun and moon were placed in motion about His work,
    A warmth and brightness, creating moments of times.
    He spoke the lights to be for goodness,
    And it was so. . . and He saw that it was good.

    He spoke words again to the waters, calling out,
    And newer forms were made, in great diversity,
    The airs were filled and the waters abound with life.
    The flying things on wings, took to the sky,
    And the waters, the whale and fish in abundance.
    Again it was so. . . and He saw that it was good.

    Once more He called out to the land to bring forth,
    And from it arose things walking upon legs,
    And flesh moved about upon the world in great number.
    The cattle and its kind were numbered by Him,
    And the creeping things upon the world came forth.
    He beheld His work thus far in its making,
    . . . and He saw that it was good.

    He viewed again the depth of His vision,
    And began His greatest of works.
    Taking up the remnant of His workings,
    The scraps of what was left,
    Of flesh and soil, water, air, and light.
    The dust turned to clay in His mighty hands,
    Slow and careful, He formed the last piece,
    And gave of His spirit to make it whole.
    And it was so. . . and He saw it was very good.

    (Gen. chapter 1)
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