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    Searching for the Gospel Truth: what your minister doesn't want you to know
    Bradley Overton
    Is there such a thing as the ONE TRUE CHURCH? Is there such a thing as the ONE TRUE GOSPEL? These questions are investigated and the answers can be found by studying what the ancient prophets prophesied about the true church of the last days. Does the church you attend match these prophecies?

    Price:  $6.00

    book excerpt

    For most Christians, learning the real gospel truth about Jesus Christ and receiving the correct interpretation for Bible scriptures is very important. Even though many Christians have the desire to learn the real gospel truth about God, most Christians have no idea what the real truth contains, or, for that matter, can they separate the real truth from what is actually being taught in the modern Christian world today. This means that a lot of Christians will be surprised when they find out just how many different interpretations and theories involving the Holy Bible and the Gospel of Jesus Christ ar being taught today. In fact, there are so many different Christian doctrines and theologies being taught, many Christians are confused concerning their personal religious beliefs, or have many unanswered questions that are not being sastifactorily answered by the churches they presently attend.
    One reason why this condition exists is simply because most Christians will not question what they are being taught. They blindly assume that every Christian minister is teaching the same biblical truth. They have also blindly assumed that every Christian church is teaching the same Christian gospel. However, these are very dangerous assumptions to make and are not true at all. The Christian churches contradict each other on a grand scale. Think about it! If this statement is not true, then why do we have so many different Christian churches in our midst today? If every minister were teaching the same gospel truth, then why would we need more than one Christian church (or denomination) to teach the gospel in the first place? Because these disagreements do exist among the various Christian churches is proof that many Christian churches, including the ministers, are also confused and do not agree how Christianity should be taught in modern times.
    Some Christians are beginning to wake up to this fact and are beginning to realize that something important is missing from what they are being taught. For these Christians, finding the real gospel truth about Jesus Christ is a major objective in their lives. This means that many Christians will set out on a journey searching for the REAL gospel truth. The most common problem these Christians will face will be deciding how to begin this research in the first place. For example, where will they go to find the correct answers they are searching for? Who will they be able to trust to lead them in the right direction? And finally, when these Christians do set out on this journey, other questions will gradually begin to enter their minds, questions like: Why was I born? What is the purpose of my life? What does God want me to accomplish in this life? What hapens when my life is over? Was there such a thing as a pre-earth existence?
    Most Christian ministers cannot answer these questions satisfactorily, and this is another reason why this book was written. This book was written to inform the world that the REAL TRUE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST does exist on earth today. However, before the real gospel truth can be recognized and accepted, it needs to be understood that something is drastically wrong with the majority of Christian churches today. Think about it! If nothing is wrong with the majority of Christian churches, then why are YOU, as a Christian, not completely satisfied with the answers you received in the past? Why are you searching for the right answers in the first place? Understand, if the churches you attended in the past were teaching the real gospel truth, then you would not be searching for the REAL gospel truth today, simply because you would already have the full truth in your possession. See the problem? The mere fact that you are SEARCHING for other answers proves this point even more. Also understand, having the burning desire to learn the real gospel truth about Jesus Christ is more common than what you think, but it only affects true Christians who have the personal desire to get closer to God. The lukewarm Christians do not have this burning desire, and therefore, would never read this book in the first place. So it should be quite obvious that because YOU decided to read this book, that places you in a different category.
    Before we get too involved in this discussion, I want to make it perfectly clear that I will not be attacking TRUE CHRISTIANITY at all. However, it still needs to be recognized that many dangerous and false Christian doctrines do exist in modern times. These false Christian doctrines are leading people down the wrong path and will actually keep many Christians from finding the real gospel truth. Therefore, it is my intention to explain what is wrong with most modern-day Christian churches, and at the same time, provide you (the reader) with the necessay means to decide which churches and ministers to avoid. After you receive this knowledge, it will then make it possible for you to increase your persoanl faith in Jesus Christ and learn more about the beautiful plan He has in store for us. This declaration should prove that I am a Christian myself. However, because I chose to become a Christian, does this mean that I must ignore the falsehoods being taught throughout the Christian world today? Am I supposed to ignore reality simply because I chose to become a Christian? Should I also be expected to keep silent about the false Christian ministers and the false prophets who continue to teach their false Christian theories and doctrines in the Christian churches?
    I know of one minister who misinterpreted the scriptures to such an extent his congregation actually feels guilty when they begin to complain about the mistreatment they receive through his hands. Even though this church displays the word "Christian" on its doors, true Christianity is not being taught in this church at all. This minister ..........
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