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    Richard Krejcir
    Learn to Build the Net of Faith to Catch Others for the Faith! This book will teach you how to build your faith and Christian formation. And in return be able to share your faith without fear to others even without opening your mouth! And if you do use words what to say and how to say it.

    Price:  $7.95

    book excerpt

    The first, main call Jesus gave His disciples after He beckoned them to Himself was, I will make you fishers of men. So, in order to reach others, we first must be reached. We have to be the people of the Lord before we can do the work of the Lord. Our lives have to be transformed and renewed (Romans 12) before we can obey our call to reach others for Him! This is very evident in the Matthew four passage.

    “If you can?" said Jesus. "Everything is possible for him who believes.” Mark 9:23

    I would like to propose the question to you, is anyone going to spend eternity with Christ because of your faith? If so, great; if not, we have to ask, why not? We can come up with all kinds of reasons why we should not when we rely on our fears rather than on His Spirit. Sharing our faith is something that does not need to be feared, while not sharing our faith should be feared. Besides, sharing faith is easy and simple; it is like when you were in grade school and played “show and tell.” All you do is show others who Christ is. We can do this best by “how we are” towards others. To win people for Christ, we have to have something they can see tangibly demonstrated within us, not just verbally asserted. It is my hope and prayer we can be better in showing who Christ is in us; and, if necessary, use words.

    A few years ago, I heard a radio interview from Jane Roe, of the famous abortion court case of “Roe vs Wade.” This case and its efforts went on for years as she fought for her right to have an abortion, thinking that her rights superceded the baby she carried. Christian groups protested fervently (for good reason), but their malicious taunts and screams just caused Jane to withdraw further away from God and Christianity. This misbehavior from a few, misguided Christians caused her to further support her heinous act, because they were being heinous to her. Thus, she remained in the dark until a kind person took the time to share with her who Jesus really was. And, she accepted Christ and was saved! Her friend’s explanations did not win her over; rather, it was the visibility of the friend’s active faith that she saw demonstrated over time. Real, authentic faith had to be seen in order for her to get past all the nasty treatment she received from so called “Christians.” By the same token, I was very active with “Operation Rescue” in the 1980s and did a fair share of protesting myself. I never saw a baby saved by our banners and slogans; however, when one of us shared with the mother personally and in love and offered her some real help, the baby was saved. I am not saying we should not protest; we should make our voice known (we do need to find a better way to do it). But take heed; the screams and slogans win only a bad reputation and scorn from the world and cause the perplexed person to shun us, whereas a soft heart and a listening ear will win far more people and bring far more glory to our Lord.

    We share Christ by showing Christ! Sharing Christ is about being real and demonstrating our faith with conviction and sincerity. God’s call from Scripture is clear. It is not about catchy slogans, poster boards, tables, tracts, or formulas (although these can be helpful), and it is definitely not arguments and/or confrontations. Rather, it is helping others see Him by how we treat them and live for Him. It is allowing others to picture Christ in us, not our trying to verbalize without showing Him demonstrated in us. We cannot just say a few sentences and move on. We have to nurture and demonstrate, and be considerate and loving. It is our lives telling the story that the Spirit uses to win people, not just our mouths. Our mouths are to further explain Him.

    This book is not an exhaustive resource on how to build our faith, how to evangelize, or how to become a mature Christian. Rather, it is a primer to help get things started or rebooted. It is a guide to show you what is biblically important and how you and your church can move in the right direction. The goal of this book is to enable Christians to build their Christian lives in order to be the witnesses of His life to others. It is to know Him and connect with others so we can make Him known. Real, impacting, effectual faith will have results. It will be lived out and it will be shown. Our faith will be backed up by the proof that it is present in us, so we have something to model and something to say. Real faith will result in an outcome that backs it up. Faith will be lived out in our lives, including our thinking, words, and actions. Faith will create initiative for evangelism from the realization and gratitude of who we are in Christ, and then we will live out our lives in Him, touching others for Him

    We have to have revitalized lives and faith. Our revitalized lives will be the quintessential Christian genre for making His precepts known to others. When we have a revitalized life, we will have the faith, confidence, and boldness to share it with love, care, kindness, and joy because we will have something of real worth to share—and that is what He has done for us!

    May you have the faith and confidence to know Christ yourself, then to make Him known to others around you!
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