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    Retirement Lane - How to Celebrate Life After 60
    Lillian Rhoades
    Learn How to Make the Most of Your Senior Years. Discover a new way of
    living when you read Retirement Lane - How to Celebrate Life After 60, a revolutionary non-fiction book specifically for seniors that discusses how to set goals, handle self-pity, grief, failure, regret, and more.

    Price:  $4.95

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    book excerpt

    Starting Point

    On course we're aging, more like fine wine than rotten
    grapes; not that we claim exclusive rights to aging just because
    we're over 60. It really doesn't matter how old we are,
    if we're breathing, we're aging. Don't expect anyone under twenty-
    one to own up to it, but that's okay. We know what the have yet to discover.
    They may look younger, but no one grows
    younger. The aging process leaves none behind.

    So, here we are, well along in years with few
    clues as to what lies ahead. The future hugs our horizon, but we only
    see a partial landscape. What we see we like, the future
    looks bright for our generation. With improved health care and
    alternate life-style choices, many older adults live with
    the same joie de vivre as younger adults. Today, there's no need to
    settle for first base, millions of older Americans are
    making home runs long after youthfulness strikes out.

    To family and friends who demonstrate in many
    wonderful, creative ways that life remains a work in
    progress, I urge you to stay in the game until the last
    inning. Be God's poster man or woman for your generation.
    Even to your old age, He will not fail you. That's His
    promise to you.


    It's Always Too Soon TO Quit

    If you think sixty is the new forty, then consider Noah.

    He celebrated the birth of his first child
    when he turned five-hundred years old. That's dead and long gone by
    today's standards. We can't even fathom that in this
    culture. Since we know he lived to be nine-hundred and fifty years
    old, it puts the arrival of his newborn at his middle-age
    milestone. Two more sons would follow.

    Biblical details about Noah's life are rather
    sparse; nothing but the bare facts is spelled out. However, we can fill
    in the blanks where biblical facts merely imply.

    The man was no spring chicken when God
    commissioned him to launch a one hundred and twenty year long
    building project. Chosen as the only one of his kind in
    the neighborhood (Genesis 6:9), people might have seen him as
    "Mr. Goody Two Shoes," but God called him "righteous."

    While his neighbors sneered, jeered and
    pointed fingers, Noah kept hammering away day after day until he
    finished the job. No one could ever accuse him of lacking
    courage, tenacity and an independent spirit.


    Give Change A Chance

    Newlyweds usually start out peering into the proverbial
    crystal ball. With clear-cut optimism, they see the future as one
    big success story - a family, a dog, first house, brand
    new car, successful career, financial independence, growing old
    together, and a well-planned retirement life. Eventually,
    they encounter unexpected bumps in the road that force a more
    realistic view of the future.

    Years go by, and despite life's rude
    awakenings, they finally reach the end of the trail
    with retirement in sight.

    Like most senior age couples, Will and Rhoda
    had finally reached that milestone, and they were like children
    waiting for a long car ride to end. Retirement couldn't
    come soon enough. With kids all grown up, house sold, retirement
    funds in place, they were ready for long, leisurely days
    at the beach, fishing, boating, all the perks retirement offers.
    Sadly, Will died of lung cancer, a few months before
    retirement. Like many grief-stricken, lonely widows, Rhoda found
    herself wondering about her future.

    We find a similar Old Testament scenario in the
    story of Naomi whose whose dreams and hopes fell apart after her
    husband, Elimilech, died.


    Until The Last
    Petal Falls

    Yes, I'm the first to admit it, after awhile we slow down,
    but we don't have to shut down. Despite annoying health issues,
    we can still keep step with the longevity renaissance
    that's taking place today.

    Even if we're wheelchair bound or grappling with a
    chronic disease, we qualify as a member of the savvy seniors'
    survival club who refuses to wither on the vine in the
    autumn and winter months of life. There's still more to life than daily
    medical schedules and doctor's appointments.

    I do not want to make light of the role
    debilitating illness and pain, coupled with confinement plays on our
    on life. However, note this quote from the late actor, Paul
    Newman: "If you have a pulse, you have a purpose."
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