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    wisdom mupudzi
    By reading this Award Winning Ebook you will be able to enhance your destiny and relationships by mastering how the two intertwine. Whether you are dating or married, this book will enable you to grasp many of the major issues when it comes to romance and purpose. You have an Uncommon Destiny!

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    book excerpt

    Excerpt from Chapter 1 - Romantic Relationships and Purpose

    Having said that, it’s not rocket science that whoever you decide to get ‘hooked’ up, will have a long term impact on your calling, purpose and destiny. Get that part wrong and you will spend years in misery which curtail your time and attention span to be able to fully accomplish and fulfil your assignment. A wrong choice can mean your calling is greatly compromised, slowed, curtailed, or at worst it can come crashing like a deck of cards. So I must emphasise that part, as a reminder. You are unique, you are not common. You are uncommon and you need an uncommon partner. In case you didn’t get it, you are uncommon and you need and deserve an uncommon partner.
    In the years gone by, many have ‘fallen, head over heels’ with someone and only to discover that the person of choice doesn’t suit their purpose. One famous minister from Perth could not fully enter into the fullness of his ministry he only did so after getting divorced from his first wife. This obviously is not good that he had to break the 1st marriage. So ultimately he is fulfilling his assignment now, which is great. I know that he is a blessed man and not many do get that opportunity to start over and then flourish on the 2nd marriage. Those are few. Most cases it moves from bad to worse. He travels internationally now, whereas on his first marriage he wasn’t given that much freedom to be able to fly like the way he does now. Am I saying divorce is good, absolutely not! However, for this particular minister, all he went through etc and the divorce enabled him to start over and build a life that releases him fully to his purpose.
    I will then drop my wisdom bullet, 1 more time. An uncommon destiny requires an uncommon partner.
    So at this stage, I would say your purpose can decide for you who you can or can‘t create a future with. Example if you are a
    minister of the gospel and you know that part of the key elements of growing in ministry is fasting. Then that should undeniably suggest that you cannot get hooked up with someone who has issues with fasting or who loathes it. Again, this is just one area, there are many areas that your purpose or that your purpose gets affected by. If your calling requires high level of discipline in any area of your life, it would be ridiculous to try and get hooked up with someone who hates discipline or who is outright undisciplined.
    I will summarise this by saying whether you like it or not, embrace it or reject it, GOD created you with a purpose and a destiny. The book of Romans in Chapter 8 ; 29 tells us “ For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren” . According to verse 30 of the same chapter “moreover whom He predestined, these He also called; who He called, these He also justified; and whom He justified, He also glorified”
    One can take this further and say being predestined naturally comes with predestined covenant relationships. These are relationships that would enable you to fulfil your purpose and destiny. Not every friendship is going to further your purpose and the same applies to a romantic relationship that is long term anyway. Some romantic relationships are just distractions that would have been sent to divert your attention or sabotage totally your assignment or purpose. David and Samson in the bible were classic victims of this.
    Wrong alliances are so serious or so destiny defining to that point that push comes to shove, one will have to choose between their destiny or the relationship. In other words, keep the relationship and lose your destiny or lose the relationship to advance your purpose. No wonder they say, “Everything comes
    at a price” those are the elements of paying the price that people don’t talk about when they get ‘there’. Every visionary knows when you make a decision to become an “Eagle’ that literally decides your relationships whether friendships and or romantic relationship. You become uncomfortable with certain elements or characters.
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