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    Sheila shaw
    A work of fictional possiblities. UFOs have arrived only they are Nephilim and don't know it. The angels and demons do know it and a world wide take over is executed.The earthlings are struggling with their trust in God, trying to understand what has happened and to reject or accept the Nephilim.

    Price:  $4.95

    book excerpt

    As he arrived he noticed the channeller, whose name was Hercules, pacing the floor.
    Immediately he knew who wanted to see him. Mars was the only guardian who used Hercules because of his size. Hercules was equally as big as Reese. He created quite a lot of attention when he was on earth. Mars gloried in that attention.
    When himself, not inhabited by a guardian, Hercules had a gentle countenance on his face, with Mars in possession, there was a constant snarl in place.
    “Poor Hercules,” Reese thought, “I wonder if you hate Mars taking possession or if you still see it as the honor as you were trained to.”
    Hercules/Mars whirled around at Reese’s entrance. Hercules inwardly groaned as Mars pushed him down inside his mind as Mars took over completely. Hercules hated Mars. He hated all the things he had to see and do when Mars took him down to earth.
    Hercules shrank from the violence and the blood, which was always associated with Mars. He hid deep within his child’s mind as much as he could when Mars had usage of his body. He knew he was supposed to feel that being chosen by a guardian was an honor but he hated it. He had much rather be exercising and be with his friends in their pod.

    He liked the smell of the grass of earth and the smell of rain on earth but not much else. “Time to hide,” he thought and he went down deep into his own private world that the guardian couldn’t touch.
    “How can I help you?” Reese asked Mars.
    “It better be important,” Reese thought. ”I have too much to do right now.” He thought of all the many years spent in planning and implementing the take-over, all the hybrids were strategically in all the decision making areas within all the governments of the world.
    Thus many systems already in place to go live as soon as possible. New constitutions had been written. Nations had been divided. All over the earth, hidden base camps had been set up and were operating.
    Re-education camps had already been built under the guise of another name. World wide military bases had been closed and yet construction continued on them because of the bases’ future designation. One standard of money, one military, one governing body.
    Everything was in place and every contingency prepared for.

    Earth’s UFO sightings had become routine. Through movies and TV, the world had been conditioned to accept off-worlders-Good and evil ones. The years of work had paid off. Except for this phenomenon that was burning holes in the network.
    And now Mars wanted to talk. He was such a windbag.
    Again Armond stood by the door, careful that Mars could not see him, while he listened to the conversation. Everything was going as Y’Shua had planned, with Mehra’s and Reese’s encounter and now Reese meeting with Mars. Seeds of doubt would be sown even more with Reese's confidence in the Wiseones. He would then begin to see that the Wiseones didn't really want the best for the Dartonians but that they had their own agenda and they were just using the Dartonians. Reese had to begin to understand that because he was very patriotic and loyal to the Dartonian cause above all things.
    Mars finished telling Reese what he knew about the earth spirits and the natives of earth that believed in them. “Why was I not told that earth’s spirits had such power?
    This is insane to plan an invasion and not know all the weapons at the enemy’s disposal. Why was this information kept from me?”

    Reese wondered again if the earth spirits were causing the holes in the network.
    ”I do not know why you were not told before, Reese.” Mars replied. He knew the information had been kept from Reese until it had to be told because Reese wasn’t a stupid man. He might begin to put puzzle pieces together in the truth and they couldn’t risk that at this time. Not the way the Wiseones had twisted his whole reality.
    Mars continued,” But it is irrelevant now. The point is that now we have earthlings hooking up with the spirits of this world and together they have the power to interfere with our plans. Claudius and Babylon don’t seem to see the connection." Forgetting he was talking to a mere Dartonian, Mars told of how his theories were received by the other officers. His frustration was evident.
    “Let me know of any meetings or anything you deem important. I am going to talk to the Wiseones about these spirits of earth.”
    “Surely they must know how to dispose of them if they become a problem. Otherwise, they would have prepared us for this event.” Reese said as he turned to go.

    With much satisfaction, Mars watched him leave. “Now the pot has been stirred,” he thought. “No one will be able to fob off Reese. He was too important a player in all of this. Reese would demand answers and action.”
    “Reese also would not forget who had brought this to his attention. So I will be in his favor if I ever need it.” Mars thought.
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