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    Behind Enemy Lines
    Danny Clifford
    This book tells a very exciting and intriguing story of my experiences and relationships as a United States Army Ranger with the 75th Rangers in 1969 and 1970, performing recon missions behind enemy lines.
    You expierence the physical war and the spiritual warfare that goes on daily for your soul.

    Price:  $3.99

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    book excerpt

    When I arrived in Vietnam, I had orders to go to the
    173rd Airborne Brigade. While I was waiting for travel
    orders, a team of Army Rangers visited the soldiers
    who had just arrived in Vietnam from the United States.
    They were there to recruit volunteers for the 75th
    Airborne Ranger Battalion. The Ranger Battalion
    had a company of about 150 men attached to each
    army division throughout Vietnam, tasked with
    providing up to date enemy information. I went along
    to listen to what they had to say.

    They explained the purpose of Ranger Teams
    was to conduct reconnaissance missions.
    A Ranger team consisted of six men sent out deep
    into enemy territory, in their back yard, usually for four
    days and three nights, very quietly exploring an area of
    about 4 to 6 square miles.

    Each mission had three possible outcomes, different
    ways. Ideally, it would be concluded peacefully
    and the Rangers would be extracted peacefully at the
    end of four days. We could set up an ambush in an
    attempt to capture a P. O. W. which would compromise
    our location, and we would need to be extracted
    immediately. Finally, the most dangerous way to end
    a mission would result from a Ranger team being
    ambushed. In such a scenario, we would run like crazy
    until we could communicate our situation by radio and
    request support from F-4 Jet Air-strikes and/or
    helicopter gunships so that we could be extracted to
    relative safety.

    Once a Ranger team’s mission is compromised,
    they need to be extracted. They may need any combination
    of support and fire power, we just discussed, to get
    extracted. Extract means a single helicopter making a
    fast approach to an open landing zone swooping to the
    ground. The only protection the chopper had for those
    long seconds of open exposure while approaching,
    hovering and taking back off from an open landing
    zone, was two M-60 machine guns, one on each side
    of the chopper. The chopper would swoop in (hovering
    up and down from 2 to 5 feet from the ground for just
    a brief moment) while six Rangers would run and jump
    in through the open doors of the chopper, then it would
    lift off as fast as possible to avoid being hit by enemy

    The most feared end to a mission for a Ranger team
    was being ambushed at night while sleeping. To avoid
    such a nasty surprise, we always set up trip flares to
    warn us of an enemy pursuing us and claymore mines
    aimed at covering the area where the flares were set.
    When a flare went up, we would detonate the claymore
    mines and, as quiet as possible, run using a preplanned
    escape route. The rule of engagement at night
    was not to use our rifles, as the muzzle flash would
    give our location away.
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