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    Sexual Dreams Busted
    wisdom mupudzi
    Dreams have always carried special information for year. There are plenty of dream types and dream sources.
    There is one particular type of dream that is common among many people. This type of dream has many implications, this is the sexual dream. Discover the truth about Sexual Dreams!

    Price:  $4.95

    book excerpt

    Extracted from Chapter 1

    When it comes to dreams, they generally have served an important role in the history of humanity. Many great leaders had incredible dreams about their destinies at an early age. These dreams tended to be prophetic, although they may not have given a time frame. They gave a general direction of what was to come. Many people based on these dreams took timely action and ended up in life changing exploits.
    We have already established that man is a spirit. Dreams generally come from two main areas, the flesh (natural body) or the spirit. If it’s in the flesh, they are emanating from a reaction to something in the natural. This could be from your worries, anxieties or sometimes your aspirations. Sometimes it’s just happening because of what the person was watching before they went to bed. All this would have fed the mind and then that subsequently would have led to nightmares or good dreams depending on what was happening.
    Dreams from the spirit can tend to be prophetic in nature. They reveal what has happened or what is happening in the spirit world. This is usually before manifestation or before the event has materialised in the natural world where everyone can see it. Then of course there are those that come to reveal something that occurred in the past based on a request or on the fact that the person who received the dream was looking for answers. If the answer is for something that occurred many years ago, then yes the dreams can bring the real information of what happened and how it happened. Sometimes its information that is quite crucial to the person’s freedom or break through.
    One girl had a family trend that bothered her. She studied her family history after realising that age is ‘catching up’ with her and in her family tree no one seemed to have a stable relationship or even got married and stayed so. Many would either break up near the wedding day or got married but got divorced shortly after. That tormented her for years, as she was getting old she knew things had to change but didn’t know where to start. As a smart and discerning woman, she knew the family trend was abnormal and was at the root of her problem.
    So she went on a fast for days, she gathered a few prayer points .These are specific targeted prayer lines. Example of such a prayer point will be, “Any resistance to my breakthroughs be met by fire!” She took the prayer points and worked on them all night and went to bed, one of those was “Lord reveal the secrets to my life”. She gave them a shot with everything she had.
    She then slept. In her dream, she saw herself walking and bumped into a coin that was written 1901. As she looked across the horizon, an old man had just passed by. She easily realised that this old man had dropped the coin. The dream later ended. She woke up from the dream.
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