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    Maria Brentwood the First Human Clone
    jack Doepke
    Query, Synopsis, and text of: Maria Brentwood the First human Clone By Jack D. Doepke All proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to World Vision - a Christian organization that helps hungry children around the world.

    Price:  $0.99

    book excerpt

    Cloned from Margret Thatcher,the Prime Minister of England, Maria was raised by her foster parents who debuted her to the world on a plantation just out side of Williams-burg Virginia. She's was privately tutored and had few friends until she met Kristin a young girl form Washington State and they become life long pen pals.
    The story of her life is written mostly from her diaries much like you'd find in the diaries of Ann Frank.
    When Maria travels to England she learns of a letter for her from Madam Thatcher:
    .......... When the group of English Scientists who were responsible for using me to produce you - the first Human Clone, first approached me, I was aghast at the idea. I was appreciative of the fact that they chose me as their candidate, but I respectfully declined. They begged me, however, to hear them out, and after a series of long and sometimes forceful discussions, I was persuaded to change my mind. My reasons were many; the least, I hope, was because they picked me. I have often wondered, however, if the idea I would become immortalized in you, or that I would be perpetuating myself, ever played any part or had any bearing on my decision. I have searched my heart for the answer to that question and to the depths of my very soul, and I can say most assuredly that the answer is no. It certainly has crossed my mind that people might think so, however, but I want to impress on them, and most of all you, that this was not the case. My reasons for agreeing to let this happen were basically these:
    The scientists assured me that this procedure one day was going to be used, regardless of my decision to participate. They showed me good evidence that this procedure would be done soon by other scientists in other countries. They wanted Great Britain to be first for a number of reasons, which, after listening to them, I felt, were sound. Suffice it to say, I found their reasons to be as much political and legal, as scientific, but they convinced me that doing the procedure would give them, if not a moral, at least, a higher legal ground from which to control and shape the quickly changing world of biotechnology.
    The fact that I was quite well known, had a set of well documented extensive physical, medical and social work-ups, was also a consideration for their choice; they convinced me that if this was going to be a meaningful scientific endeavor, to properly compare your growth and development with mine, that this was an important part of the equation.
    The idea that the participants should not judge science morally was a paramount issue I wrestled with for a long time before making my final decision to participate. I have always felt that God gives us minds to use, not to let stagnate. I also thought that it was for the philosophers and historians to sort out the validity and worth of their findings. I still believe that. I also believe that from all learning good can result. But, of course, people will always find a way to use scientific achievements for evil as well, and that was my dilemma and fear.
    From my own dealings with science and the scientific process, I have always had the greatest respect for the process. And in my personal life, I have been judged by my political actions, sometimes quite harshly, but I always did what I thought was right at the time. The same is true now. If it turns out that the philosophers, moralists, clergy, scientific community, and the world judge this action only negatively, then so be it. But I want you to know that my intentions were nothing less than honorable. My only regret is that there was, of course, no way to communicate with you before hand, to ask you for your permission. Please forgive me for being presumptive in this regard.
    Finally, I trusted the integrity of these scientists. They are good people, trying to understand life, trying to develop techniques that will one day alleviate pain and suffering from our world, and to improve the overall quality of life for their fellowman. It is because of this that I finally agreed to be a part of this experiment.
    I truly hope that in the process you came to no harm and that you have somehow been able to have a normal life for yourself. I am sorry for any special unforeseen difficulties you have had to contend with or may have to contend with in your future. I hope there have been enough good things in your life to offset them.
    I also want you to know that my choice to not have any contact with you while you were growing up, was not because I didn't care what was happening to you, or that I didn't have
    an interest in your well being, but was rather to honor your individuality and give you a better chance at a normal life. We carefully screened the host family for your adoption, and made sure they were being responsible and good parents to you. I trust they have provided for all of your needs, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Please do not think for a moment that I wasn't paying close attention to how you were being raised and cared for. I insisted on having a very complete and up-to-date report on what was happening in your life at all times.
    The legal contracts that bound you to the scientific group, which worked in your creation, became void on your eighteenth birthday as per my insistence. With this letter in hand you may obtain the legal documents regarding these matters from Sir Andrew Bowden the Third, of the House of Lords, or leave them in his care.
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