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    Help for being Alone or Lonely
    LaVerne Iverson
    Are you alone or feeling lonely?

    Every man and woman wants to have companionship! Get the help you need now to STOP loneliness.

    Inside this book, you will discover true stories of struggles with feeling alone.

    The information and 12 easy tips in this book will help you TRIUMPH over loneliness.

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    book excerpt

    It’s a terrible feeling when you think nobody is concerned about your wellbeing. Someone may have told you some negative things about yourself. You may have heard words like, “you’re no good,” or “nobody will ever love you,” or “why don’t you get lost.”
    These harsh words cause you pain. In addition, you may have experienced rejection in different relationships.
    I don’t know how you feel, or what happened in your life. I know being in a bleak place did not feel good to me.
    I’m so sorry that you’ve been hurt and maybe even now you’re still hurting. As you read this book, my wish for you is that you will start to feel better. I hope for you to rise up with a new song in your heart.
    There may be many different scenarios why you’re hurting or been hurt in the past. People say and do things without thinking. There are times the person may not even realize what he or she said or did to you. Many times, there’s no harm intended to you.
    You have to admit, in some instances, your mood may cause a wrong reaction. This happened with me many times when I didn’t feel like talking with anyone. My response was not always pleasant.
    When someone is hurting, it is a natural instinct for him or her to desire those around to feel hurt. In my past when I was miserable, I wanted others to feel the same way.
    You cannot look to fallen beings to validate you. God approved you by giving you life. He is the one that qualifies you to fulfill your purpose on this earth.
    Harsh words that you’ve heard and sad thoughts that you may have about being worthless are not from God.
    At times people will say things to you that’s factual. What I mean is that it is a fact someone said it or did it. You have to check if it’s truth. The Truth I’m talking about is the Truth of The Word of God, not the world’s truth.
    In the past, I struggled with feelings of loneliness in my church family. In hindsight, I realize that I hurt because of my wrong perception. I had high expectations of these individuals. When they failed to do what I expected of them, I was hurt. That was wrong thinking on my part.
    Sometimes, people passed me without speaking. I know there were times I did the same thing. In such instances, you and I cannot take it personal. We can only hope for acknowledgement from humankind. You and I each have our issues the same as other people. We are to help one another, not point fingers to hurt.
    I don’t know if you are a Christian or if you go to church. Regardless, in or out of your church circle, people will talk about you in a manner that is not always good.
    There was a time I felt hurt by what people said and by their wrong attitudes. I have to admit; there were times, I didn’t communicate when I perceived negative attitudes in others. Admittedly, I may have been mistaken in my observations. With that wrong viewpoint, I didn’t make the situation any better. I try very hard now to respond with optimism.
    I see that others are hurting and some try to cover up their hurts. I don’t get upset anymore. Instead, I reach out to give a hug or an encouraging word. You and I never know what hardship someone is experiencing.
    I don’t feel lonely in worship services anymore. I’m not there to seek or draw attention to myself. I’m there to hear The Word of God.
    Fellowship with other believers is a joyous time for me now. This is because I no longer have those high expectations as I did in the past. I smile and usually I get one back in return. We may not speak, but there is a connection and it’s good for me. Odd times I get a nod or a blank stare, either way; I don’t let it worry me.
    If I see someone looking downcast and I'm not able to speak with him or her, I pray. I don't know the situation so I pray God’s Will to be done. He knows best.
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